A Training Update

We are back home. It was a fun weekend away, but it is nice to be back to some normality. It’s not going to last long though, this weekend we are having a big graduation/house warming party with lots of family and friends at our house.

That means lots of “to do” lists and projects going on throughout the week.


We had a blast during our last night at the beach. It makes a huge difference having our power back.


This picture may have been slightly Margarita induced.

Before we left the beach Sunday I got in my last run.

6 miles

It was much more humid Sunday but my legs felt really fresh. I couldn’t believe how quick I was going when I looked at my pace once I was done.


I do know one thing.

Wiped Out

This girl was completely wiped out after her weekend away.


How about a little update on my training?

My running schedule is picking back up this week. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I feel like my body has really benefited from this break, but I’ve also really been enjoying the bit of extra time.

Here is a look at what my running schedule will be in the upcoming week:

Week Ahead Training

It doesn’t look awful (I’ve had worse) but I am trying to get myself back into the right mindset.

I’m on my last 2 weeks of the 10k training schedule. It’s been really nice doing something different, and I see so much improvement in my running! I love it when you see your hard work finally paying off.

I originally had wanted to find a 10k to run at the end of my training to help see where I was at. Unfortunately, it is not in the budget right now. Things have gotten really tight and that money can be used elsewhere. That’s OK though – I know and can see the improvement and at the end of the day that is all that matters to me.


I’ve been scoping out marathons though still with the goal of an October Marathon. I am REALLY leaning towards the Greensboro Marathon. Right now Wes is signed up to run the Chicago marathon the weekend before, but is probably going to use this as his backup marathon in case he can’t get off work to go.

The marathon is relatively close for me and wouldn’t require extra travel expenses. I am 95% sure this is the marathon I will be going with, but we still have a few things to work out before I pull the trigger and sign up.


As far as training go, that is a little bit more up in the air. I want to find a training plan that will push me but that will also be realistic. I am still browsing and trying to see if I can find one, or if I want to begin coming up with one myself. I seem to do really well with schedules, so I know it is important that I find one.

I am looking forward to starting back up on marathon training. This speed break has been nice, but I will always be a marathon girl at heart!


Runners- what marathon training plan have you used?

Are you already signed up for a fall marathon?

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  1. What a shame that you can’t squeeze in a 10k at the end of your plan. Perhaps you should find a spot away from traffic and time yourself and see what you can achieve? Races can be so expensive. I’m all about finding budget races this year. On my race list for this Autumn is a £29 50 miler and a £6 (just over $10) half marathon.

  2. I’m already signed up for a WINTER marathon (I take advantage of those early bird prices!) and I just signed up for a fall half marathon yesterday. I’m hoping PRs for both!

  3. OK – love the shopping pic! :) And you’re right – this stuff DOES get expensive … as Lisa says “most expensive free sport EVER!” haha

    As for plans … *cough* ultra in October *cough*

  4. I’ve never run a marathon- only a half and less. But i’ve used the Hal Higdon plans and love them!

  5. It’s funny – I had the same reaction to your weekly plan “doesn’t look horrible” but then I imagined actually DOING it in this weather and then thought, oh wow that’s hard! Since October is still a while away you can afford to go easier for a couple more weeks if you need I think. I’m signed up for Philly which is end of november, so won’t be officially training until august. I’ve always mixed and matched plans but now that I just took the RRCA course I’m going to create something solid and stick to it!

  6. I haven’t run a marathon yet. It’s in the cards for next year. I love doing halfs, like obsessed love. I have another one at the end of August. I’ve been using Hal Higdon’s intermediate plans to hopefully get a sub two hour half!

  7. http://www.jeffgalloway.com/training/marathon-training/ geoff galloway has great schedules. gives you plenty of days off to rest and recover for the training days and the hard days

  8. Long comment, but I have used three different marathon plans, (counting my current one), so hopefully it helps:

    I used Hal Higdon Intermediate I for my first marathon. It was good as a starter plan, but I don’t think I would go back to it now. The thing that detracts from his plan now that I’m trying to get faster is he doesn’t really provide paces for any of the runs, including speed work.

    I used Runner’s World SmartCoach for my last marathon training cycle. It looks like that’s why you were using for your 10K? Maybe I didn’t give it very good information, but just briefly comparing our two plans, it looks like the algorithm handles the 10K much better than marathon. I felt like most of the miles were garbage miles it added just to hit an arbitrary total. For example, on the week of a 20 miler, it would put a two miler in the day before just to get the week total right, when there really was no point to those two miles physiologically.

    Right now I’m using Hansons’ Beginner plan, and I love it! Every run has a purpose and a set pace, which I find really motivating. It is rather time consuming in total because the miles are more evenly distributed throughout the week. Not sure if this would be an issue for you depending on how many hours you work/coordinating with Wes’s schedule.

    Again, just my personal opinions. Hope this helps!

    • Wow thanks for all that! I used Hal Higdon for my first marathon and now I am really leaning towards trying out Hansons but I haven’t decided yet. There are just so many options out there!

  9. No marathon plans, but I’m thinking about doing a half ironman in October. That means bumping up the cycling = not a big fan. I should probably look in to a training plan, but don’t know enough about modifying them to include all the swimming I already do (definitely way in excess for race training). As an aside, my husband may have pictures of me running around Ikea after two margaritas…

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