Thursday Thoughts

We were out on the track again on Wednesday morning. We got there around 9:30 and it was already heating up pretty good. My last workout of the week. I look forward to an easy day today and then a day of rest on Friday.

I am repeating Week 1 from my 10k training plan, but thankfully this week I was able to take it outdoors instead of being stuck on the treadmill.

Track Workout

I did a 2 lap warm up before I began.

The 45 minutes was broken down by: 1 minute hard/2 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard/3 minutes easy – repeat for 45 minutes. I wanted to switch it up a little bit from the last time to keep it interesting since running around in a circle for 45 minutes isn’t the most stimulating event.

Wes was doing 400’s while I did my Fartlek. I finished with a 2 lap cool down and two strides before calling it a day.

45 Minutes Fartlek

The great thing about Fartleks is that you can really customize them any way you want. You can also switch them up mid-run. All they require are periods of hard running and then easy running. The pace is based on effort and the duration is up to you. I purposely wore my husband’s basic watch so that I wouldn’t pay attention to the pace. I wanted to go completely off how my body felt.

It is feeling so nice being able to run in the sun! It’s hot, but I have missed it! I am definitely getting in plenty of my daily dose of Vitamin D just from my runs!


We are in full moving mode over here so I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned so far:

Never Accept the Price Quoted

My husband is always one who wants to negotiate everything. However, since he is extremely busy with his ER rotation right now I’ve had to take the reigns on scheduling most of the details of our move. I have spent way too much time on the phone and computer the past several days trying to get details finalized.

The very first thing I learned is never accept the first price they offer you. When it came to renting our truck I was getting prices that were all over the place. I knew the company I wanted to go with but I was frustrated with how much more expensive they were. I decided to give it a shot and start talking them down. I ended up getting a final price of almost $300 less than the original quote.


Contact Companies Directly

The internet is full of “all in one sites.” You know the sites that want to help plan every part of your move all in one place. While most of them are really helpful, I am actually finding that you can get better deals if you go through the companies directly. This really is true when they are local companies.

We are looking to hire some people to help load and unload the truck in Erie and then in Danville, and have found that the price is cheaper when dealing with them directly instead of going through a generic moving site.


Don’t Move During the Summer

I was just thinking this the other day but every time my husband and I have moved it has been during an EXTREMELY hot month. I have no idea how this has happened, but seriously if you want to move wait until the fall! Ha!

Also, from those I have talked to summer is the most popular time to move which makes it the most expensive time to move.


For my final thought, I have a new appreciation for the saying one day at a time.

One Day at a Time

I have always said this but never been able to fully do it. Of course, there are days when I just can’t help but think of all that I need to get done in the next few weeks but it does me no use. I am starting to really get the hang of focusing on what I need to do today and then I will worry about tomorrow when it comes.

We miss so much of what is around us today if we focus on what we have to do tomorrow.


Finally, the winners of the Primal Sport Mud and CryoSphere Giveaway are:

Lucki Grrl
Jennifer Finn

Primal Sport Mud:
Dusty Schnur

Congrats! Please email me at saralovingontherun{at}gmail{dot}com and we will get your prices on the way to you!


How was your Wednesday workout?

Is the weather as gorgeous where you are as it is here? 

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  1. My Wednesday workout was cycling 25 miles in the morning. Then I took my old MTB to the trails with a friend for a short (and muddy) ride

  2. I made the mistake of doing a 3.1 run in shorts with long sleeves and layered a short sleeve shirt under it. By the time I finished, my legs were red and I was freezing. Today it is raining. Maybe by this evening it will be clear otherwise I see an elliptical workout in my future.

    • We’ve got crazy heat going on here, so the opposite! We are having a rainy day today, but that’s okay! It is cooling things off a little bit.

  3. great workout :) Did an easy run yesterday, this morning mixed it up with hills, and some easy flats/downhills with pickups thrown in. I was testing out my new garmin :) Half the run was in the rain which felt really nice! looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

  4. My lease would always end at the end of May, and for like 5 years in a row we were always moving when it was really hot out! I’m so glad that we are settled now and dont move as often anymore!

    • I can’t wait to be settled! Thankfully once we move we will be staying there for the next 3 years so we will have a little break!

  5. The weather looks so nice where you are! It was really hot and sunny here on Monday but then Tuesday it was in the 40s and the past two days have been somewhat warm and humid. A big storm is coming at us this weekend, so basically the weather is all over the place here! haha

    • Wow your weather has been all over the place! We are getting a storm here today and I think it is cooling things off a little bit for the weekend.

  6. I think I’ve moved in every month of the year and I have to say winter is the worst! Cold, ice, snow, I’ll take hot weather any day when carrying couches up stairs.

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