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I mentally psych myself out of things before they even happen. Case and point: all day Tuesday I was telling myself how awful it was going to be to get up at 5:45 on Wednesday to get my workout in before heading into work for a few hours.

I don’t know why I do these things. Wednesday morning I had my alarm set for 5:45 but instead I naturally woke up at 5:25. Ok, so I wasn’t “hop out of bed’ awake but I just happened to wake up and check the time. Normally I would have taken this as a chance to get in 20 more minutes of sleep, but I figured why not just get at it.

I laid in bed for about 5 more minutes and then got up and got moving. I think I was psyching myself out since my work schedule changed and now I had a EARLY morning workout instead of just an easy run.


I ended up doing 0.25 mile warm up, 40 minutes steady hills, and then 1 mile cool down.

Hill Workout

I found 2 hills that were very close to each other and I basically ran a loop throughout the 40 minutes. I made sure to keep a steady effort.

Aside from the fog and having to be really careful that everyone could see me the run went really well.  I was so glad I made this decision because once I got off work it was almost 15 degrees hotter and direct sun.  That would have made the workout increasingly more difficult.

I am reminded once again to quit worrying and dreading things ahead of time and take them as they come. This run turned out really well!


I have a fun giveaway coming at you all today.

A month or so ago I was sent a Milestone Pod to try out.

What is a Milestone Pod?

Milestone Pod


The Milestone Pod attaches to your shoe through your laces.  It collects data throughout your walk or run as it senses your movement. There are no start buttons, no waiting for it to find satellite, simply no hassle.

Milestone Pod What it Does

The pod will track your mileage throughout your workout and record it.  It can be synched wirelesses through Bluetooth to your phone to collect the data from your workout. The pod itself stores up to 2 weeks of data.

What does the pod record?

The Milestone Pod records:

  • Distance, pace and cadence
  • Daily, monthly and weekly mileage
  • Compare runs to track improvements
  • Can track the miles on your shoes to see when you need to change them out

Milestone Pod Case

If you keep the pod on the same shoe you can track its life. You will know exactly how many miles you have put on that shoe and know when it is time to retire them.

It is an awesome and simple gadget for running. Sure, it is not exactly as precise as a Garmin but when you have a quick run and want to leave your watch at home it’s perfect. I love using it on easy runs specifically because there is no way to look at the pace.


What to win a Milestone Pod?

Milestone Pod Giveaway

I will be giving away TWO Milestone Pods. Simply enter via the rafflecopter below. Since I will be moving next week I am making this giveaway a little bit longer and it will run until Friday, June 6th at 11:59 PM.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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  1. I would use my milestone pod for running!

  2. I would use it for running! I love that it keeps track of mileage on shoes, make things much easier!

  3. I would use it for both running. That would be interesting to see my cadence.

  4. I would use the milestone pods to track my shoes and my fun runs. Keeping things fun and easy but still tracking my fitness is a great way to stay healthy.

  5. I would give this to my mom. She loves to keep track of how much she walks.

  6. I would use if for running! What a cool toy 😉

  7. I would use it for running and tracking my steps on off days!

  8. I would use it for running. To keep track of the mileage on my shoes. So cool!

  9. I would use it for running and hiking.

  10. I would use it for running, and training for my fall marathon!

  11. I would love to win this for my mom, she is recovering from foot surgery and this would help her stay motivated when she heals!

  12. I’d actually gift it to my husband for his runs around the neighborhood.

  13. I would give it to my mom – she’s an inspiration! In the past year she’s lost 25 lbs and gotten rid of her “pre-diabetes”! She’s amazing, she walks 4 miles almost every morning before work!

  14. I would use this running… I love all things fitness gadget! What a fun giveaway!!!

  15. I so did that with swimming this morning! I started dreading it last night and when my alarm went off at 4:15am, I did not wanna get up!!! I made myself go and ended up having one of my best swims :) I would use the pod for running and keeping track of my shoe mileage.

  16. I have been getting up at 4:30 to get to a 5:15 class- I feel your pain!!! And i would LOVE that tracker for running- sometimes my garmin takes forever!!!

  17. Stefanie eberhart

    I would def use it to track the mileage on my shoes- something I try but fail miserably to do!

  18. Wow….I have never seen or heard of the POD. It sounds like I would love it. I am a runner therefore I would use it for tracking runs. Thanks for the chance to win…

    And good luck with the move! Jenny

  19. I’m just getting over an injury and making my triumphant return back to running! I would use it to track my miles and make sure I’m not overdoing it (so I don’t get injured again :) ) Also, my dog ate my garmin (literally), so this would be a great option for running when I dont’ want to carry my phone with me!

  20. I would love it to work on speeding up my cadence!

  21. Yeah..I am so great at psyching myself out the night before anything new or exciting. Maybe that will be my goal in the fall to quit doing it! This is a great give away and, given how I usually forget to watch things such as old shoe, it would be great as a gift suggestion.

  22. That is awesome! I will be doing tons and tons of walking (hopefully running) next year in the city! I would love to see how it all adds up!

  23. I would use it just to track daily activity when I’m not running and for hikes!

  24. I think this would be really helpful for tracking shoe mileage!

  25. Running! Or walking with my mom

  26. Colette Reilly

    This is perfect for those days I need to run indoors, or track workouts, mad keeping track of my walking. It all counts.

  27. I would use it for running!!! My gps can take forever to begin working at 5am! :)

  28. I wonder how accurate these are compared to GPS?

  29. i’d use it to track when i should get new running shoes!

  30. I been looking in to getting one of these about to start a new pair of shoes.

  31. I don’t track my running…yet…but this gadget would make it really easy to!

  32. I want to be able to track the mileage on my shoes!

  33. I would use it for running and keeping track of my shoe milage

  34. I would use the milestone iPod for running!! First time seeing this here!

  35. I would use it for running! I could use it to track my progress.

  36. I would use it for running. I normally find my garmin with a dead battery so it would give me a back up.

  37. I would use it for running and the elliptical.

  38. Id use it to track my walking miles at work!

  39. I would actually gift it to my husband–we’re both runners, but he is in need of a new tracker (his very old garmin no longer works). It would be just in time for his birthday/father’s day!

  40. I sure could use this ..I just started my walking and would love to keep track of how far I am going ..Great Giveaway Thank You

  41. I would use mine while jogging!

  42. I would use it for when I use running

  43. I would use it to keep track and set myself daily, weekly and monthly goals to meet and beat.


  45. tracking how far and fast i do my morning walk/jog!

  46. I would use the Milestone Pod to track my walking (I don’t run–too much for my joints) on the abundance of trails here in New Hampshire. It would help me to feel good about myself by seeing the distance I have walked and knowing that every step counts! Thank you so much for the chance to win! You’re awesome!

  47. I would use it for my walks.

  48. I’d use the milestone pod to stay motivated and track my improvement in running!

  49. Ariana Martinez

    I would use it on my morning run so I can keep accurate track of how much I am doing daily

  50. I would use it to keep track of my walks I take every day

  51. I would use mine for running.

  52. Veronica Valdez

    I would use it when I workout.

  53. Running

  54. My daughter and I love to run so we could use it on the trails. Thanks for the opportunity.

  55. I would use it for walking. I would love a more accurate account of how much walking I do.

  56. for running

  57. Danielle Crick

    I really want to lose weight. I’d use mine while taking a run.

  58. to help track how much steps i make a day
    amanda hoffman on rafflecopter

  59. I would love to win this beautiful milestone pod for running and jogging!
    Thank You So Much for the chance

  60. I would use it for running! And walking! And hiking!

    Than you for hosting the giveaway!

  61. I would love to gift this to my friend who runs…just as a ‘thinking of you’ gift!

  62. I would use this when I run!

  63. I would use it for running!

  64. I would use it for walking.

  65. Was there a winner

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