Moving Forward After Job Loss

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I got hit with some bad news again Monday morning. It could be far worse, but still it wasn’t quite what I needed to start the week off with.

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A few months ago I got hired as a part-time Chiropractic assistant. It was for Tuesday and Thursday nights from 1:30-7:00. There used to be a girl who covered those nights, but due to her college schedule she wasn’t able to be there anymore. It was a pretty simple job and I enjoyed the people I worked for.

Monday morning my phone rang.

I answered it and it was one of the Chiropractors I worked for. She said that the girl I had replaced was wanting to come back on Tuesday and Thursdays because her schedule had switched.

Due to her seniority (she had worked with them for 3 years) they were going to give her shifts back and….I was being laid off. AGAIN.


I know it was nothing I did. In fact they offered to write me a letter of recommendation, but it was still a tough blow.

I had flash backs to 7 months ago when I lost my job. Except that was a much tougher blow. Thankfully I have 2 other small jobs which won’t pay the bills but at least help.


The past 6-7 months have been full of lots of bad news. My husband and I joke a lot that we are prepared for just about the worst in any situation now because that has seemed to happen a lot.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I do have, but it was hard for me to accept that it was happening again.


I’ve learned there are a few things I’ve learned:

Accept That it Wasn’t Your Fault

I love to play the blame game with myself. I always want to take the blame and want to take the entire world on my shoulders with it. This does nothing but make you feel worse.

I did this when I lost my job the first time, and I wound up sulking for way longer than I should have. You have to keep moving and pushing forward even when it seems like the world is against you.

Just because something bad happens to you doesn’t mean that it was your fault or that you deserved it. Sometimes it just happens.


Mourn and then Move On

I remember calling my Mom after I lost my job in August 2013 and crying. I didn’t know what to do and I felt hopeless. I remember her saying to me “it’s okay to be upset, you have to mourn.”

I was a bit taken back by that comment because I lost my job, not a family member.  However, she was right. When you lose something that was such a part of your life (even a job) you have to go through somewhat of a mourning process.

All the steps where there: sadness, blame, anger and then finally acceptance.

Yesterday it was not near as drastic but I got upset for about 20 minutes and then I moved on.

You can sit around and cry or you can keep pushing forward. Find things that can help further you in other areas and do your best to make the most of what you have.


Quit Apologizing

My husband will love to see this one on here.

I have apologized to him countless times over the past 7 months. Again, like I mentioned earlier I wanted to take the blame even though neither situation was my fault.

I felt horrible for the situation, I wanted so much to take that stress off him and I couldn’t.

You can apologize once but don’t keep doing it.  You have to be strong and realize sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Do your best to make the most of the time.


Focus on the Things You Love

Yesterday when I got the news (after my 20 minutes of being upset) I got up, packed my gym bag and the husband and I were out the door.

I knew that running and the gym always make me feel better even when I don’t want to go. I didn’t want to sit inside and think about it I just wanted to do something that made me happy.

I spent most of the night redoing the blog with my husband to help distract me and get me focused on something productive.

Focus on the things you love to do and do it! They will help you feel accomplished, happy and remind you some of the blessings you have in life.

I am focusing on the fact that i’m getting to start running again!

Note: Just don’t over do it like I did the first go around. I literally ran myself into an injury. No fun. 


A New Start

I had several people tell me “think of this as a new start.” At first I just rolled my eyes because I didn’t want to hear it, but seriously if you look at it that way it can open so many doors for you.

You can do whatever you want. You can be whoever you want to be. You just have to take the steps in the right direction.

My position right now is a bit tricky since we are moving in 3 months, but I look at it as now I can really focus on looking for a great job and a great future down the road.

I truly believe life is what you make it and even though situations can bring us down, if you keep moving and following your dreams (yes as cliche as that sounds) you can make it into something new!



How to you handle bad news?

Have you ever been laid off from a job? What did you do? 

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  1. Sorry to hear about your getting laid off. When I get bad news, I always try to think about the bright side of the situation. Think of it as an opportunity and a chance for new experiences

  2. I was laid off in October, so I understand what you are going through. Once I got over the initial shock, I felt a sense of empowerment… I wasn’t happy where I was working and I knew I deserved to work at a place where I was better appreciated. Instead of feeling sorry for myself and being negative, I started to work on my goals and reached out to the places I wanted to work. It’s amazing what being positive can do! I’m also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Best of luck:)

    • Thank you Kristin! I am sorry to hear about your job loss.

      The job I lost in August I can agree with you 100%. I wasn’t happy there either but it was a means to an end for the time being and we needed the funds. This one wasn’t as bad financially but I really did enjoy the people I worked with. It’s okay though we move on and keeping pushing forward!

  3. I was let go last November and I was totally shocked. I was so busy at my job that I never saw it coming. You really do have to allow yourself time to mourn and not beat yourself up. Like anything else, being positive is a choice and you really do have to find the silver lining. For me it was tough financially too, but you just have to keep believing that everything will be ok in the end. Best of luck with your move and the job search. :-)

    • Thank you Lauren! :) It is so true what you say about the fact that being positive is a choice. It took me a long time to realize this!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this, Sara :(. I’m fortunate to have never been laid off, but I can imagine it is scary, frustrating, angering, disheartening, and more. I think your tips are great – especially realizing it wasn’t something YOU did and it’s not a reflection on your character as a person. Hang in there, girl!

    • Thank you Megan! :) Like I said this time around it isn’t near as bad just frustrating, but yes it helps that it has never been anything I did. I have gotten recommendations from everywhere – just hoping a great job comes open for me when we move!

  5. A couple of years ago my husband was laid off for 7 months. It sucked. I don’t think anyone can really understand unless they have been through it. It is not just the money, it is very emotional. Anyway, the lessons we learned during that time are invaluable. They taught us a lot and have helped both of us making career decisions knowing that we can handle. Good luck on the hunt.

  6. Wow! I think that’s pretty rude of them to do that to you. She chose to leave (even if it was due to a school schedule) and if someone leaves a job, they don’t really have any seniority anymore if they choose to come back. Very unprofessional of them. Anyhow, you guys will really know how to weather any storm now! Good luck on the job hunt, especially for VA/NC!

  7. I’m sorry you lost your job. I work temp so I get laid off all.the.time. It’s very stressful to wonder when the next project is going to come up, so I’m trying to grow my little side business so I have 1. another stream of income, even if it’s small; and 2. something to occupy my time because being unemployed is depressing!
    Good luck!

  8. i’m so sorry friend. but you are right. you must focus on what you do have and that God has his plans for YOU! <3

  9. Sorry to hear about your loss, but good luck searching for another job if you are planning to (once you are ready to start searching again of course). Another great post that I enjoyed reading :)

    I can echo quite a few things on your list there– a few years ago, a very dramatic incident happened in my life and nothing like that had ever happened before (especially since I’m only 22). I spent several years in a very unfamiliar place of fear, frustration, bipolar emotions, feeling unworthy, confusion, and most of all: heartbreak. On the outside, I was mostly ohkay–well I had to be because I didn’t understand that it’s human to be upset, but things haunted me when I was alone. It took a long long time not only to accept those feelings, but even to understand what they were. There are many things that i’ve only realized in the past year were what they were. (if that makes any sense). anyway, point is, maybe the most important thing i learned is that i am human and that is a truth to accept. also, real acceptance is genuine love for self and for others. everyday is a learning process. best of luck to you.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your situation Eva. That sounds like it was really tough!

      Yes acceptance is so key. I am thankful none have ever been my fault and I have great recommendations from these employers so hopefully this will help me when I head onto my next adventure! I am a finance major so I’ve spent most of the time working in investments and loan writing, which usually isn’t the hardest field to find a job in. So hopefully in the next job search in VA/NC I have some better luck!

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