I posted Monday night on my Facebook about some exciting news.


As soon as I posted this I immediately said to my husband “I shouldn’t have done that now everyone is going to think I’m pregnant.” Nope, not pregnant, BUT I do have some really exciting news to share!


Sometime at the end of July 2010 this journey through medical school began for us.

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This picture was taken in the first several months we were up here.

Wes moved up and I followed a month later after finally securing a job.  It was the craziest and scariest thing I had done. I’d never been away from family and I never in a million years would have thought I would up and leave everything I knew and move 10 hours away.  Love makes us do some crazy things, and I never regret one minute of it.

This journey has been a roller coaster. Some times it seemed manageable and then other times it seemed like everything in this world was against us.

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In the past 4 years we have:

-started a new career
-got married 
-moved in together
-dealt with 3-4 injuries between the two of us. Two being major injuries.
-learned how to live in the snow
-ran my first (and second) marathon and Wes set a new PR 
-adopted our puppy Zoe
-started blogging
-lost my job
-got 2 (possibly 3) part time jobs – another interview today! 

And so much more! The last 4 years have been a crazy journey and I am glad that the next step in our journey has been decided.

This whole match process has followed right along in the same form.  I know I haven’t gone too into depth because of professional reasons but I thought I would share some exciting news with you all today.

As of yesterday afternoon Wes has matched into a residency and we know where we will be moving in June. We thought we would be waiting until March, but plans change and we couldn’t be happier!


Wes has chosen a residency in Danville, Virginia!

Danville VA

It’s not North Carolina BUT it is VERY close and it is about 30-45 minutes from my family just over 1 hour from Wes’ family.  I couldn’t be happier for him and our future!  

This crazy journey finally has an end in sight and for once we can breathe a sigh of relief. I can’t believe the decision has been made. I don’t even know what to do with myself. Oh, yes I do time to start planning!

1. Need to find a job

2. Need to find a place to live

We have already decided to live outside of Danville simply because it allows me more job opportunities.  My parents live about 30 minutes away from Danville, and there are substantially more job opportunities where they are. We figured if we split the difference and live somewhere in between this will be more helpful in my job search.

I am hoping that it will all come in time. Right now I am enjoying this time and news with the man who has endured so much to get to where he is! We are both ready for a new beginning and a new start.


Even though all those thoughts and fears are still there and the unknown is making my mind go in 800 different directions, I am so ready for a new chapter and a new start for us.  Life is a crazy journey and I know I am so thankful that I get to go through this crazy journey with my best friend.

I am beyond ready to leave the freezing temperatures, constant snow, lack of variety, and unemployment behind and am ready for new adventures and new memories.


Monday I ended up taking another unplanned rest day.  The intention was to get through the match and such and then we would head to the gym later in the day. I didn’t have to work yesterday so I just caught up on a bunch of working in the morning.

After the match was over we waited around for a contract to come so that Wes could get everything finalized. I guess with the business of the day and all that was going on it took us several hours to finally get the contract via email. We don’t have a printer so we had to go and get it printed, scanned and returned.  By the time it was all over we just weren’t feeling the gym so took a night off to relax and “celebrate.”  

We have our real celebration dinner planned for this weekend, but I wanted to do a little something for him last night.  We are going to do a joint Valentine’s Day/Match Day celebration probably Saturday after I get off work. I am already looking forward to it!



Have you ever made a big move?

Any tips for moving that you want to share? It’s been almost 4 years since we’ve done this.