Progression Back to Running

It’s official – the holiday’s are over!

I love the holidays, but eventually it is nice to get back into the routine and start feeling like things are normal again. I am ready to get back on my workout schedule and start getting a move on in 2014!


There is a lot I want to accomplish this year. Over the past few days there have been a lot of things going through my head. I’ve had to slow myself down and realize it is only January 2nd! I love the idea of a new start, a new year, a new me but nothing good ever happened over night. It is time to start taking the steps to get to where I want to be, but I have to allow myself time and realize that things will happen as they are meant to.


OK. Enough of that. Let’s back track a little bit.

I have had some great workout this week so far. I am slowly increasing my running per week to get my leg used to running again. The intervals were great, but I need to start doing longer periods on my leg to get it used to running multiple miles at a time.

Tuesday was an interval day. I had run 3 miles on Monday so I opted to go back to intervals. The snow started on Tuesday as well and since I didn’t want to drive to the gym I opted to stay at home on our treadmill.  Plus I knew I wanted to get one last run in during 2013.

Tuesday Workout

I started with a 5 minute walking warm up and then proceeded to run 10 minutes on/5 minutes off for 50 minutes. I walked the last 10 minutes easy to cool down.

Getting back on this treadmill was tough because it is where I had my very last run before my injury. My stomach was in knots the moment I stepped back on it.

I am happy to say the workout went well and I think I have finally gotten over my fear of our home treadmill.


Wednesday we woke up after sleeping in a little later and made it to the gym before they closed at 2:00 pm.

Wednesday Workout

I started with 3 miles at a 9:50 pace. I also completed a minute warm up and cool down.

After I was finished I changed clothes and got on the spin bike for what was going to be an hour ride.  It took me a while to get into to it because my legs felt tired.  After I finished an hour some friends walked in and started talking. I took the gear down and just kept pedaling while talking. Before I knew it I had reached 80 minutes. Not bad!

Wes and I did a few weights before calling it a day.


I am very happy with how my leg is progressing and how my workouts have been going. 

A few people have asked what my “plan” is and I wish I could give you a plan, but I have just been going off how I feel.  Some days I feel like more other days I need to cut it short. I am going to keep my distance running under 5 miles at one time for probably the entire month of January. Once we get into February I will reevaluate where I am. I’d rather take it slower and come back strong then wind up with another injury.


We ended up taking it easy on New Years Eve. 

Erie got hit with another blizzard and it was nasty out. Wes hasn’t been feeling well either so we went out for a nice quiet dinner and then hung at home and watched movies. Honestly, it was pretty perfect.


Did you do your first workout for the new year? What was it?

Are you ready to get back to your routine after the holidays?

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  1. Yes, I went to my Y yesterday for body pump at 8am. I expected it to be packed with every one starting out the New Year to be fit. Was I wrong. Pretty empty in fact. Then I did 30 minutes of cycle.

    (Good thing too b/c later we went to a movie and shared some popcorn…)

    • We considered going to a movie last night, but the hubby wasn’t feeling well so we stayed in! What did you see?

      Glad you got your workout in yesterday! Always great to start the New Year off on a positive note!

  2. Not sure if I mentioned on Instagram, but love the sparkly headband :)

    I did 10.5 for New Year’s Eve – wrote about it on my blog how LAST year I was in the midst of my ‘running streak’ (day 52 I think) and didn’t want to end 2012 with a ‘single digit run’ … I had forgotten that, but had the same thought this year!

    Then yesterday I did my own version of a ‘resolution run’, 6.75 miles. Today I have to wait for some work done on my wife’s car, then will get in a run in between shoveling snow (we’re actually on the 4-8″ / 8-12″ boundary, so no clue what we’ll get).

    So glad things are progressing well for you – and that you remember to listen to your body. Excited for you to have an awesome 2014!

    • Thank you – I figured the sparkle was good for New Years Eve :)

      I wish I could have done 10.5 but I was happy with my interval 5 miles.

      We are taking my car in this afternoon for some work and I will head to the gym while it is being worked on. I probably will get a short run of some sort (maybe intervals?) and then spin some. Tomorrow is a rest day so want to get one last day in before the weekend.

      Thank you :) I am looking forward to 2014!

  3. I ran yesterday and today and have been doing a lot more strength training this week. My legs are feeling a bit heavy because of it but I really need to focus on keeping healthy and strong so just dealing with the stiffness until my body gets used to this whole weight training thing 😉

    • Oh I know how you feel! Before I left the gym yesterday I just did a small amount of strength training and I am already sore! That just means it is working right!? :)

      Sometimes it is hard but strength training can greatly improve running and reducing your risk for injury so to me you can’t go wrong with that! :)

  4. I have the same problem you have in the past few days – my mind is going a million miles per hour and I just need to breathe, take a step back, and realize I have TIME to do these things I want to do. Just sitting here thinking about them and getting overwhelmed is not helping anyone!

    • I know! I have such high hopes but I get carried away. So not like me right!? HA! It is time to slow down and enjoy and take things one day at a time! It will all happen in time :) Glad I am not the only one!

  5. Are you in Erie, PA?! I did my internship in college at the Healthsouth there!

    • Yes I am! The current snowiest city in the US for this year! I’m so lucky RIGHT!? We will be moving later this year but we were here for my husband to go to medical school!

  6. i am ready to get back into my routine but im also sad the holidays are over. oh well. until next year!

  7. Luckily being the Type A person I am we didn’t get too far off our schedule, but it is nice to not have to eat cheesy casserole for every meal now!

  8. I am sooooo ready to get back to normal life now that the holidays are over!

  9. My husband, our dog, and I all went for a 3 mile run on a local trail yesterday to welcome in the new year. It was perfect to run together as a family. And the warm weather didn’t hurt-it was so warm I wore shorts for the first time in awhile!

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