Five Things I Am Loving TODAY

I apologize for Thursday’s crazy random post. I didn’t get off work until 7 and by the time I ate dinner and got home it was almost 8:30-9:00. Needless to say a second post didn’t happen.

I had the same schedule last night. I got up first thing and headed to the gym. I wanted to allow myself more time so that I could take my time and wouldn’t feel rushed. 

Wes had another Dr’s appointment and someone finally agreed to X-ray his hip just to make sure there isn’t a fracture. We are waiting to find out the results, though no doctor so far has suspected a fracture.


I ended up doing 90 minutes again on the spin bike.

IMG 0027

The time actually went by pretty quickly because I spent a good portion of it talking with Wes and some friends.  The rest of the time I honestly focused on relaxing and enjoying the time to myself.

I left enough time to do some upper and lower body weights before heading to change for work.


Today is Friday so you know what that means! This week I wanted to share Five Things I Am Loving Right Now.

I couldn’t think of anything snazzy or interesting to come up with today, so I decided to go with something simple. The focus of a lot of my posts this week have been finding enjoyment, confidence, and happiness in the things in your life right now. Here are five things that are making me incredibly happy in life right now.


1. Scrubs

I can’t tell you how much I love how easy it is to get ready for work now. Instead of having to go in my closet and find something to wear each and every day all I have to do is pull out my scrubs.

IMG 0034

I realize that I need to focus on cleaning the mirrors in our house this weekend after taking this picture.

The dress code at my new job is black scrubs.  This not only saves me money on clothes but it makes getting ready for work so much easier. I could really get used to this!


2. This funny article on BuzzFeed.

I don’t really agree with 100% of them, but I love:

10. Posting running shoe selfies on Instagram and Facebook.



14. Training when you know you won’t win.

I can remember so many runs when I knew it was going to be an awful run, but I did it anyways!


18. Runner’s Tan.

There is nothing better than the sports bra and shorts tan I have year round. I don’t think it will ever go anywhere. 


21. Continuing running after doctor says you should probably take a week or 2 off.

No I don’t know who would ever do this…nope. Not me.


23. Critiquing actor’s running form in movies.

My husband and I will be watching a movie and one of us will say “he is heal striking way too much.” It is actually quite sad that we both pay attention to it.


3. iChat

Every Wednesday or Thursday night depending on my schedule I spend at least an hour iChating with my parents.  When we first moved up to Erie it was hard for me to be so far away.

iChat was a great way for us to still see each other and chat once a week. I look forward to it every time.

iChat was also the way I was able to speak with my grandfather the first year I was up here right before he passed away.  I couldn’t get home quick enough due to work, so my brother brought his computer to the hospital and allowed me to speak with him one last time. It was just such a special thing that I am so thankful for.

IMG 0036

Technology is such an amazing thing and has really been so helpful when being far away from family.


4. People who Genuinly Want to Help

It has been a long time since I was the “new” person in a job. It has been a long time since I have really known nothing going into a job.

I am so thankful this week for awesome new coworkers who will go out of their way to help me and work with me to get me on track to where I need to be.

I’ve worked with all sorts of people, and I have to say this it the first job I have found that everyone seems to be so supportive, genuinely nice, and are always willing to help!


5. Medical Boards are OVER!

I am so happy to say that Wes has officially passed ALL of his medical board exams. He actually has one more after his first year of residency but all of the boards for now are over.

If we could just get this pesky hip issue fixed and then I think we can all finally relax some! 

We are officially in countdown time.


Match Day


45 days until match day!



The biggest one – 121 days until graduation!


What are some things that are making you happy this week?

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. I loved that Buzzfeed article as well! So many laughable moments … I remember one other blogger posting a picture someone took of her in an off-the shoulder dress at a wedding with total runner’s tan. That is one thing guys don’t deal with :)

    Also agree on Facetime – when I was traveling so much to Kentucky last year it was invaluable to actually SEE my family that way! I look at the heirachy of texting, calling, video chat and in-person. It really is amazing how far the technology has come in my lifetime!

    This weekend we will be finishing up a couple of projects, food shopping etc, doing Super Bowl stuff and generally getting the kids ready to start the 2nd half of the school year (this week was finals and Regent’s exams).


    • Oh I have some great pictures from my brother’s wedding showing my runners tan. You can see it in ALL the pictures!

      Hope you and your family have a great weekend :)

  2. I can definitely relate to loving technology in order to keep in touch with family far away. Very thankful for FaceTime!

  3. It’s Chinese New Year today, so a delish dinner with fam and celebrating the year of the Horse! Gong Hay Fat Choy! Girls night with pasta and a few glasses of wine. Running and not following my training plan, but enjoying each run. Thanks for sharing that BuzzFeed article, I’m reposting to my FB right now :)

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