Five Things Friday – 12/6/2013 (Christmas Edition)

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First off, thank you so much for your comments and emails on yesterday’s post! I can’t even begin to explain how much they meant to me!

I will admit I was very nervous to put that out in the open, but now I am so glad I did! It feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!


Yesterday morning the husband and I slept in a little later than normal. We were so exhausted from traveling and not being able to sleep well lately that we both decided to take a sleeping pill last night to guarantee one good night of sleep.

After we woke up, did some thing around the house, and I caught up on the blog we headed to the gym.

After an entire day off my legs felt great and ready to go!

I decided to opt for another interval day. I have found that by doing a simple 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off my leg seems to respond a lot better.

2013 12 05 12 59 02

A couple minutes into the walk/run I realized my stomach was just not right. 

I did the first 40 minutes and then took a break to try and get my stomach to calm down.

2013 12 05 13 27 51

I finished the last 20 minutes and then went to stretch and do a few weights.

The gym was dead today. I don’t mind in the least bit, but it was just so odd to not have almost all the treadmills taken up for once.

2013 12 05 14 16 41

A little after workout picture. The run went great and I can say this is probably the best my leg has felt! I still have a ways to go but it is continuing to be positive!

2013 12 05 14 15 17

Do you like my new Nike tank top?

I am always on the hunt for LOOSE and LONG running tops. You will be surprised how hard they are to find!

I got this top from here. They are on sale for $14.88. My actual size is a small, but I ordered a medium because for some reason I just don’t like when tops are really tight on me.  I got a grey and black one.


It’s Friday so you know what time it is – Five Things Friday! I decided I would make this a Christmas Edition of Five Things Friday since we just went out and bought our tree last night.

We still have a lot of decorating to do but I thought I would share my five favorite ornaments.

1. Medical Term Ornaments

2013 12 05 20 07 46

I really don’t know a good name for these, but my mom bought these at a craft show the year Wes first found out he would be going to medical school.  She gives us a new one each year.

These three are: The Common Cold, Brain Cell, and E. Coli. Get it?

I think they are really cute and since my mom used to be a Biology teacher she always finds crazy things like this.


2. First Year of Marriage Ornaments

2013 12 05 20 09 02

We got each of these during our first year of marriage for our “First Christmas.” Even though Wes and I will have been together 9 years in March, until we got married we actually would usually spend Christmas at our own family’s houses.

Our first Christmas together was also our first Christmas living out of North Carolina, so little touches like this really helped us during that first holiday away.


3. Cake Topper Ornament

2013 12 05 20 08 16

This was actually the cake topper at our wedding. My mom also put this one together for us

She just added a ribbon to it, that just happened to be the main color at our wedding as well.  I love it because instead of the cake topper sitting in a box some where collecting dust, we actually get to see it!


4. Charleston, SC Ornaments

2013 12 05 20 09 14

Wes and I spent our honeymoon in Charleston, SC.  We bought the sand dollar at a local outdoor market when we were there, and we were given the other one.

Charleston will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we can’t wait to go back one day!


5. WOLFPACK and Zoe Ornaments

2013 12 05 20 09 28

These are pretty self explanatory but my husband went to NC State for undergrad (as did my dad) so I have always been a Wolfpack fan!

My mom got the Zoe ornament made for us the year we got her. I think it is a pretty striking resemblance. 😉


Tell me, what are your favorite ornaments?

Do you collect ornaments from special times in your life?

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  1. Love the Christmas ornament theme – and awesome on the progress with the leg! Did your stomach end up OK?

    We lived together for several months before we got married, and as a result we have ‘First Christmas’ ornaments people gave us for three different years (engaged, living together, married)!

    We really struggled having kids, with several painful miscarriages including some requiring D&C procedure … and the one we were furthest along happened around this time one year. At that point we weren’t very celebratory so didn’t buy our annual Lenox ornament – but have one from CVS, another from Dunkin Donuts … and 19 years later we hang them on the tree, and the boys know what they represent.

    We just have loads of ornaments – we only put up ~20 generic bulbs, the rest of the stuff are all special for one reason or another. And this was the first year that the boys put our Lenox crystal star on the top of the tree without me involved(other than taking a picture).

    • Yep! My stomach is doing better I don’t know why but it was just off for a majority of the run!

      I love that you have so many ornaments that mean so much to you all! I think those are the best – we don’t have quite your collection yet but we are getting there! Right now we are about 50/50 on the generic ones vs. the ones that have a special meaning but hopefully that will grow as we continue our life together! :)

      So glad your sons are able to participate and enjoy the tradition as well!

  2. I always think it’s nice to have ornaments from special times. You get to remember them each year. Long tank tops are hard to find! I’ll have to check out Nike.

    • Yes they are! I know a lot of people like them tight fitting but I just never have plus the way my body is proportioned longer ones just look better!

  3. One of my favorite ornaments is the “Baby’s First Christmas” one that my parents bought the year I was born. Its a Precious Moments ornament with a baby sitting with a pie? Not sure the meaning but its so cute!

  4. I love our hand painted ornament we got on our honeymoon in Hawaii. I also have one my husband painted for me when we were dating. When we got our first Christmas tree, we cut a disk off the bottom of the trunk and I wrote “Our 1st Christmas tree 2012” on it in red Sharpie. My hubby drilled a hole in it and I hang it with red curling ribbon. Those are probably my top 3 face ornaments. I love ones with special meaning!

  5. I LOVE your cake topper ornament!!! What a creative idea!! For some reason, I didn’t want one of those man and woman cake toppers and just went with a mini rose arrangement, which was really pretty, but now I can’t do an ornament! Sorry you had stomach issues – the worst :(.

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