My Christmas Running Wish List

Yesterday was a complete rest day. Sometimes when I have a “rest” day I will do weights or core work, but yesterday I decided to do nothing.

It was just what my body needed and I am glad I listened to it!


I have been working the past couple days on my Christmas list.

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My family asked me a couple weeks ago to start putting a list together and I blanked. I had no idea what I wanted.


Of course, my main wish is just to be home for Christmas. Right now we really don’t know what our schedule will be, but I am hoping that we can work something out.

I started to brain storm ideas and came up with some running “wish list” Christmas items.


1. The Believe I Am Training Journal

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I have always tracked my mileage online, but I have really been wanting to get a written training journal. You can not only record your actual mileage but you can also keep track of how you are feeling, progress, and so much more!

I think this would be a great way for me to really focus on my body and how it is responding to training.


2. PRO Compression Socks

We all know my love for PRO Compression and really compression socks in general.

I typically wear them on just about every run that I do because I believe they help to alleviate some of the force on my legs. I also like to wear them at night when I have had a particularly hard running day.

PRO Compression


I am currently eyeing the white and the pink.


3. GPS Watch

I have been using a Garmin GPS watch for as long as I can remember.

It is on its last leg so I have been playing around with switching up to a different kind. The problem is I have never used any other brand, and I almost feel like it is safest to stay with what I know works.

The two other brands I have been looking into are:

Polar RC3 GPS

Polar RC3 GPS


Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

Nike SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom reg WM0069 103 A


Of course I am still considering Garmin but I know most everything about their watches from using it and buying a new one for my husband a few months back. I did a lot of research before I made that purchase.

Tell me – What kind of GPS watch do you use? Have you had any experience with Polar or Nike?


4. LuLuLemon Speed Short

I have been eyeing these shorts for quite some time.

We don’t have a LuLuLemon around here, but the couple times we have traveled I have stopped by and stared at them. They were a BIT out of my budget, but I can always add them to my wish list.

Speed Shorts LuLu Lemon


I am usually a spandex running shorts kind of girl, but I these look pretty awesome and I have great things about them!


Now that I have shared some of my running wish list items with you, tell me:

What is on your running wish list for Christmas?

What kind of GPS watch do you use? Have you ever tried Polar or Nike?


I have a giveaway coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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  1. I’ve never tried compression socks before…so you’d recommend them eh? I also don’t use a watch and just track things on my iPhone’s Runkeeper app. The problem is I don’t know how I’m doing during the run necessarily. I’m thinking of either getting on or trying to borrow it from my runner friends. I also need some moisture wicking long sleeve shirts. All mine are cotton. No bueno.

    • Oh yes!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE compression socks! I swear by them in recovery! You should try them out! I am sure there are some great deals out there during this cyber Monday! :) I like PRO Compression and I also wear Nike’s version – I switch them in and out.

      I need some good long sleeve shirts too since the winter lingers around way too long up here! Yes, cotton shirts can be a pain!

  2. do not get the Nike+ tom tom. I had it for over a year before I bought my garmin and it sucked. If i found satellite signal it would take 3-5+ minutes and even when i was connected to the satellite it NEVER gave accurate pace. I found this out during 2 separate races :(. I thought I was running so fast when all that time I was training at a much slower pace than I thought. I actually returned my watch to Nike and they replaced it with a brand new one for free, however I had the same problems after 2 more weeks of inaccurate training. I ended up selling it on Ebay and haven’t looked back since.

    Aside from the big internal problems, the watch was heavy and doesn’t fit a women’s wrist. It’s really cool if you like wide bangles (i liked wearing it for fashion, not for running) otherwise it’s made for a man’s wrist for sure.

    I hope this helps. I also used the Nike+ for my iPod before I bought the watch and it was very inaccurate too. Both the iPod attachment and the watch were only good for one thing and that’s keeping track of the “running time.” if you’re anal on having pacing info in front of you stick with Garmin. I have the forerunner 10, the $130 more affordable garmin and I love it. :)

    • Thank you!!! I am so glad that you told me this! I was hoping to get some honest opinions!

      I will cross this one off my list and keep looking! I want to make sure I make the right decision, and this may be more of an after Christmas purchase to make sure I do it!

      I got my husband the newer Garmin for our Anniversary in June and it is so nice but I don’t need anything that fancy! We will see what I am able to find!

  3. I know I promised you and Megan a full write-up on my running watch experiences on Instagram, and will do so soon …

    Just to second what Cori said about the Nike+, let me say that my Garmin arrived 2 days before my first marathon, I did a single shake-out run with it and left my Nike+ at home. And no regrets. I found the Nike+ was only reasonably reliable with the footpod in addition to GPS,and the GPS could take forever to sync – I’ve generally heard people complain about the sync-time of the Nike+.

    One thing to remember, Garmin *owns* this space … so you really need to find a compelling reason to choose someone else.

    As for my own wish list, it is just more winter running clothes. Because of my weight loss I am fairly limited, but for the same reason what were once my ‘skinny clothes’ are now too big, so a new work wardrobe had to come first :)

    • I look forward to reading your review!!

      Do you have any thought on the Polar RC3?

      • The GPS seems pretty solid so far – but it doesn’t have the satisfying ‘chirp’ or the Garmin. Heart rate tracking is the Polar strength, and it seems solid there as well – though after my heart-rate monitor snapped off after a mile, it didn’t re-establish tracking when I reattached it a couple of miles later.

        My biggest issue has to be the desktop sync. You get so much data tracking that you really want to upload to a computer to track. I have a MacBook Pro I use as my main personal computer, and have a HP workstation laptop I use mostly for gaming and working at home. The Polar sync software failed to install on either … so I had to break out my old Lenovo Netbook (remember those from before the iPad?).

        I ended up 1.5 hours on the phone with support, they could get it to work on their Mac (obviously), but since I have no issue with GPS watch software from Garmin, Nike+, and Magellan … I was less than impressed.

  4. I started with a Garmin Forerunner 10 (simple GPS, no HR monitor) and just moved up to the Forerunner 210 with HR and foot pod after finding it at a ridiculously low price in Costco. It’s a great watch although I find it’s a little bulky for my tiny frame but I’m not wearing it to make a fashion statement and only wear it during a run :) My husband is a Garmin fan having used other GPS watches in the past her found Garmin to be the most accurate of them all.

  5. I have a simple Garmin and it has always worked great for me…

    I want a Fitbit this year though….to track other stuff for me. 😉

  6. I hope you get these goodies, Sara!!! As you know, I’m also in the market for a new GPS and just SO undecided!!! Those shorts are super cute but they’re so short! I usually get shorts that are slightly longer but maybe I just need to stop being modest when I’m running and get more fashionable :).

    • You and me both on the GPS!!

      I used to be the same way and I don’t like super short shorts but I do like them a bit shorter only because I feel like I can go faster with them lol! It is probably all mental but HEY whatever works :)

  7. I have an older version of the Garmin Forerunner 310 and I really love it! No complaints here :) I used to use a Polar when I took spinning classes (more for heart rate check and calories burned) but I really love my Garmin for outdoor runs!
    Great list!! :)

  8. Such a good list! Most of the things on my Christmas list have to do with running too. My friend used the Nike GPS watch once and when we would run together her watch and my Garmin would be so out of sync it was weird. That was a year or so ago though so the newer models might be better!

  9. Great list. Speed shorts are the best, you will love them! I don’t have that journal on my wish list, but it looks really cool so I may need to add it! I track my workouts on the Garmin site but would be more likely to note how I’m feeling, etc. if it’s in a paper journal I think as I could carry around with me.

    • Glad to hear you like them! I have seen them but never bought a pair mostly because of how much they cost!

      I have never had a journal before but I think it will be a great way to track my training!

  10. I HAD a Nike+ watch! but it just died one day. Literally, the screen just started blinking. They are a good starter watch, but completely inaccurate on the treadmill. I would not recommend it. I love Nike capris, so it’s not an “I hate Nike” thing. It’s just not a great product.

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