A THANK YOU Giveaway!

Happy Hump Day!

We made it through one interview and officially have ONE more to go! I am so ready for my husband to get a break. These interviews are wearing down on him so hopefully after Thursday!

I spent most of this morning in Starbucks getting caught up on some work that I am WAY behind on!

Oh and just for the record: I officially went to Starbucks for the first time and DIDN’T get coffee.

IMG 2586

It felt so wrong.

I had coffee in the hotel room when I woke up and since I didn’t think I should be having another cup already, I opted for a bottled water and some oatmeal.

This won’t happen again. I promise you.


Okay a little trivia question for you today:

IMG 2585

Can anyone guess where we are? If you are from North Carolina I have a feeling this will be crazy easy.

Hint: North Carolina loves their college football!

We are heading back to my in-laws house tonight before heading to the final interview Wednesday afternoon.


Okay now it is time for what most of you are probably here for.

A couple months back I did a review and giveaway for CLICK Espresso Protein Powder.

Click Espresso Protein

It is an amazing product. There are really so many amazing things about it, but hands down there is nothing better after a long run or workout than protein mixed with espresso! It gives me both of both worlds.


I was contacted about a month ago to see if I would be interested in doing another giveaway for my readers and of course I jumped at the chance because this product is awesome and all of you are awesome!

I can’t begin to explain what all of your support has meant during this time.  Your comments, words of encouragement, and even tough love at times has been everything I have needed and more to push me from one day to the next! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


CLICK is so much more than just a protein powder.

There are so many amazing recipes incorporating CLICK on their website.

As you all know I am not much of a fancy cook, but one of my favorite drinks is to simply add CLICK to my plain morning coffee.

Mixing Ability

This not only gives me an extra shot of espresso (flavoring it with either Mocha or Vanilla) but it also gives me some protein first thing in the morning.


The possibilities are endless with CLICK is involved, and I want to give you all a chance to try this out yourself!

The giveaway is for one 15.31 oz canister of the CLICK flavor of your choice.  They will also send you a CLICK cup to go along with it!

CLICK Winnings

You can enter the giveaway via Rafflecoppter below.

You have until Wednesday, November 20th to enter! GOOD LUCK!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Other than regular coffee I drink every day, I usually get a plain latte if I buy something, except at this time of the year I love peppermint mochas! For protein I like powders and right now I’m trying the new Chef Robert Irvine protein bars. They’re good! Going to do a post on them soon.

  2. My staple coffee drink is a homemade coconut milk latte with cinnamon – delicious!

  3. I like just plain coffee, unless I’m making a protein shake, where I use protein powder to make my own version of a frappaccino!

  4. I have my regular coffee every day, if I get out on the weekends I get a latte from Second Cup which I do prefer over (gasp) Starbuck!

  5. Go Pirates! That’s where I went to college, best of luck to you guys! Also am excited to try new protein powder this looks great!

  6. Go PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Greenville and hope you had a good night and day here. I drink coffee everyday, protein bars some and protein powders some.

  7. I am just a black coffee drinker, I dropped the cream & sugar way back when I first lost weight and never came back. An occasional mocha is appealing, but it is so bad for you … and I’d rather have coffee or tea and a pastry instead …

  8. I am normally just a black coffee drinker, besides the occasional skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks :) I drink CLICK protein drinks after my long runs though!

  9. I drink protein whey powder every day if I work out. Coffee, every day with caramel creamer!! AND I didnt know starbucks had more than just coffee!! Ive never actually been in a Starbucks before!!

  10. YUM! I like flavored coffee (like pumpkin or hazelnut) with milk and stevia. I don’t have protein every day, but I’ve heard so much about CLICK from you and SkinnyRunner that I’d love to try it!

  11. I don’t have a favorite – yet, anyway. I don’t drink protein every day, but often. Lately, I’ve been enjoying chocolate protein drink and having it as “cocoa.” So good. This drink sounds super!!!

  12. Vanilla something..YUM! And yes, yes, I do drink some protein every day!

  13. I drink protein almost every day. And my favorite coffee drink? coffee with a little peppermint mocha creamer and a few dashes of cinnamon

  14. Peppermint Mochas are my fav when I order out but generally I drink hazelnut at home. I drink protein powder about 3 times a week and I use it in 80% of my baking.

  15. My go-to coffee drink is just black coffee. I add protein powder to my coffee sometimes, though!

  16. That protein powder sounds really interesting! I’d love to try it!

  17. I enjoy a cup of homemade coffee with a little pumpkin spice flavoring during this time of year! Otherwise, coffee with a little almond milk in it. I used to drink protein powder daily, however, last time I ran out, I just never bought anymore. I’d LOVE to try this product!

  18. That coffee/protein powder looks awesome! I have just tried to enter, but my computer had issues (am a bit keyboardly challenged somedays), so when I tried to put my name in (while entering via facebook) I think I messed it up but it was too late. SO, just in case: my name on fb is: Louise Adderley-Smith. Thanks! Would be psyched to win! :)

    Black, strong coffee for me, and I don’t think I’d be able to buy something in Starbucks without getting a coffee too, but good for you for trying! :) (We have starbucks in the city we’re living in in China, sooo great when we get the urge for proper/stronger coffee than the Nescafe they sell in the shops here, although pricey over here)

    Great blog, thanks, have a great day :)

  19. ps – Also, I don’t drink my protein at the moment (no protein drinks over here so far), so my staple ‘protein foods’ are egg whites, tofu, beans, etc… Maybe will have to suss out what ‘protein powder ‘ is in Chinese :)

  20. I like my coffee at home w some creamer…but lately the cold long days have turned to gas station coffee halfway filled with some flavored cappuccino. I used to be reeeeally good ab protein…but not lately:/

  21. ECU baby!!!! Truefully my heart lies with the WolfPack!!!! Hope you are enjoying NC. We live in Raleigh and LOVE it. I drink black coffe every morning. People always think I’m weird but I love it. I do drink protein powder almost every day. Mixing the two….genius!!!

    • WOLFPACK!!!!!! My husband and dad went to State and I have been a Wolfpack fan since the day I was born! We lived in Raleigh until we moved to PA for medical school and are trying to hard to get back to NC! Nothing else really compares!

  22. I’m an iced latte lover and have been using Click for a while now. I love adding protein to smoothies and coffee drinks.

  23. I absolutely love click protein smoothies. Add in some peppermint and I’m pretty much in heaven!

  24. I drink whatever is in the coffee pot at work, doesn’t take much for my fix. I do have protein shakes often after a long run. I’d like to make some pancakes with this mix!

  25. I haven’t tried Click yet, so I need to get on this train fast haha. I usually have some sort of plain ol’ coffee or an americano (espresso + water) :)

  26. I always have a cup of coffee in the mornings, and this click protein powder sounds like a wonderful addition!!

  27. What a great idea for adding Click espresso into your morning coffee!! I hope to try this soon!

  28. I am not a huge coffee drinker but I do love peppermint mochas!

  29. I’ve actually stopped drinking most caffeine, but I do enjoy coffee still. I still love decaf lattes, but I often make decaf drip coffee ahead of time and refrigerate it, to make protein shakes :) basically I definitely need some click to make that process easier

  30. I loveee CLICK!! I really don’t like coffee but I love the taste of CLICK.

  31. I only drink coffee on special occasions. :-)

  32. I love Iced Mochas. I try and get a good amount of protein each day.

  33. love some cold brewed iced coffee in the warm months and a nice espresso with a splash of cream in the cold months….

  34. love this stuff!!

  35. I am an all day coffee drinker from 5am – 8pm, Although I don’t do much with protein powders but Coffee flavored protein powder sounds perfect for me.

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