On the Road Toning Workout

Today is the first of 5 residency interviews for Wes. I am nervous for him but we are both ready to get the ball rolling.  This week will be the busiest as he has 3 in 4 days (with a dinner the night before each).

I am trying my best to keep things running smoothly and get him to where needs to be on time.

I’d say he has the harder job :)


Yesterday morning I got up and tried to get in a small workout in the gym before we packed up and headed to our second location.

I started with an easy 20 minutes on the elliptical machine.

IMG 2525

I watched a little Kelly and Michael while I was on the machine. I don’t know why but I really like them!

IMG 2524

About 15 minutes in I started to get a strange pain in my leg, so I cut it at 20 minutes. It may have been a “normal” pain for recovering from a stress fracture, but I just wasn’t willing to take any chances.

IMG 2526

I did a quick weights workout before heading back up to the room.

On The Road Toning Workout

The workout was simple, but effective.

At least I got to feel like I was working out with my speedy hubby.

IMG 2527

Pretty bad picture, I guess he was just going too fast.


We stopped for a quick snack before hitting the road.

I got some steel cut oatmeal from Starbucks and some dried blueberries to sprinkle on top.

IMG 2528

I also got my first red cup of the season! There is just something about the red cups that just make me so ready for the holidays!

IMG 2529


We have a long day of traveling ahead. After the interview gets out we head to stay with my husband’s parents for a night before we are off again!

Thanks for your patience and bearing with me during this time! It is exciting but boy is it stressful at times!


I will leave you with a couple pretty pictures I took of the mountains yesterday.

IMG 2530

In the car pictures never really do it justice, but the views were beautiful the whole drive!

IMG 2531


Do you have any good workouts you like to do while traveling?

What makes you ready for the holiday season?

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  1. Good luck to Wes on the interviews – and don’t underestimate the importance of your job in all of this! You will be his rock during these exhausting and stressful days, and that can make a huge difference. It is funny to think about – but just imagine if you were working and unable to be there with him?

    Oh … and my younger son says that I shouldn’t admit to not having a clue about red cups, as it makes me look old :) I have never been much of a ‘go out for coffee’ person, though.

    • Yes, I really think it is a blessing in disguise that right now I am able to travel with him! He even said it while we were driving yesterday that it would be a lot worse if I was not there with him. I am enjoying every second we can get together, because I know once residency does begin we will see a lot less of each other.

      I knew about the red cups but until someone mentioned I had completely forgotten when they officially come out! :) I love all things holiday so they make me excited!

  2. I have a lot of travel workouts on my pinterest page if you want to check them out! But be careful with that leg – really glad you stopped when you felt pain! I don’t think I REALLY feel like the holidays are here until Christmas lights go up in my neighborhood …. luckily Dallas puts them up early, should be only a week or two more! Continued good luck wishes to Wes!

  3. I got my first red cup today too! It helped me calm down a little, as my second-to-last grad school semester is really stressing me out. I try to take one holiday at a time, so right now I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. I like making little plans for the day that make it feel special for me and my man. And just keeping it simple and focusing on what the holiday means to me.

    • Love that! I need to slow down too and enjoy the time I’m in right now! I am looking forward to thanksgiving too already trying to come up with a menu :)

  4. I remember when Kelly was searching for her new co-host and I had really liked how their banter was and was sooo happy when he was selected. I don’t get to watch a lot of daytime tv anymore, but I do like to watch them when I get a day off.

  5. Youtube has some great workout videos that are perfect for traveling! My favorite are Tone It Up, Blogilates and Class Fit Sugar!

  6. I just need to put on the tree and lights….no other decor…then add a little George Winston “December” playing in the background and oh, that Christmas feeling is back! Always ~ always remembering Jesus is the Reason for the Season……

  7. I’m so excited for the Red Cups! I went to get a coffee on Friday and saw people walking out with them and my heart legit skipped a beat! I’m not picky as to what workouts I do on the road, just as long as I can get some sort of sweat session in, I consider it a success! Good luck to you and Wes during the interview process!

    • I agree! Sometimes you just have to be happy to get any kind of workout in! Thank you for the thoughts :) Hopefully it all goes well and it is a successful time! I love the red cups – they make me so happy!!

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