Five Things Friday – 11/29/2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We were bummed not to be able to go home, but had a wonderful low key day with just the two of us.


We stared the day at the gym.  Wes originally had considered a Turkey Trot, but the weather was pretty nasty here this morning so he opted out of it.

2013 11 27 18 38 17

See what I mean? I THOUGHT this was what Christmas was supposed to look like not Thanksgiving!

I completed an easy 45 minutes on the spin bike, stretched, and did some ab work until Wes was finished.

2013 11 27 13 25 26


Today’s Five Thing Friday post is going to be a little different.

Today is Five Scenes from Our Thanksgiving. 

2013 11 28 14 06 00

1. Wes and Zoe on the Bed

Zoe is NEVER allowed on our bed, but I guess in the spirit of Thanksgiving Wes thought he would bend the rules.  She is not calm enough to lay down but they have fun playing on the bed for a little while.


2013 11 28 16 15 25

2. Turkey Turkey

My third year in a row of cooking the turkey was a success! I always use a turkey bag because it helps to keep the moisture in and has always turned out great! We bought a 21 lb turkey so needless to say we have lots and lots of leftovers!


2013 11 28 16 37 17

3. Carving the Turkey

One tradition that has stuck is that every year my husband carves the turkey.  It is always a big help when I am running around trying to get everything finished, and I think deep down he does enjoy it!

He did a great job and now we will be eating turkey for the next two weeks!


2013 11 28 16 51 47

4. Thanksgiving Table

We really wanted to have a “healthier” Thanksgiving this year. Our meal:

1. Turkey
2. Honey and Cinnamon Glazed Carrots
3. Green Beans
4. Broccoli Slaw Salad
5. Cranberry Sauce

Nothing too fancy but it all turned out DELICIOUS!


2013 11 28 17 49 50

5. Turkey Coma

Wes let Zoe enjoy a little too much turkey while we were having our dinner and she went directly into a turkey coma not very long after. I think she ate more turkey than the two of us combined!


Overall it was a wonderful day and we really enjoyed taking it easy around the house.

We did go out at 8:00 to Target to watch on the madness. The line was crazy, but we did end up going in for a while just to people watch. We did not leave with anything but it was a nice outing.


Funny enough at our Thanksgiving we had none of the typical desserts.  We forgot to buy any kind of dessert, so I had to come up with something from what we had laying around the house.

I call this Multigrain Cheerio Pretzel M&M Rice Krispie Treats

2013 11 28 18 03 55

I ground up what we had left of a bag of pretzel M&Ms in my food process and combined it with the multigrain cheerios and Rice Krispies. They don’t look all that great, but they sure tasted good! They were Wes approved which is all that mattered to me!


What was your favorite part of your Thanksgiving?

Do you do the traditional desserts?

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  1. Wait – a 21 pound turkey for the two of you? We only had a 16 pounder for the four of us, and most of it is still in the fridge! And I have two teen boys … who eat like teenage boys! 😀

    We had pies and cake – we got into the cake habit because my wife’s mom, sister and niece all have birthdays in early December and we all lived in different states so the celebrations would happen over Thanksgiving. The boys still like having the cake.

    No turkey trots or running of any kind for me yesterday … My favorite part of Thanksgiving was just having the four of us together all day, and since we shared the work we were always together and the load was light. OK, my younger son probably cooked more than the rest of us.

    • Yes lol When we got to the store there were only 11 lb turkeys and 21 lb turkeys (I have no idea why!) Wes insisted on getting the 21 lb turkey so we have lots and lots of leftovers! I am going to be freezing a bunch of it which should help!

      Yum I love all Pies and cakes – we used to have them all the time when my grandmother was alive because she was an amazing cook! We kept it low key this year, but Wes really isn’t a big fan of either he is more of a cookie guy so I was not about to fix a whole pie just for me :)

      Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. We went to my hometown this year…the kids had a great time with the cousins and we didn’t have any trouble driving the 4 hours…clear as day on the roads and in the sky. (Other years we have not been so lucky)

    We always say….good to go but nice to be home. And we just got home an hour ago. 😉

  3. Our puppies looked just like yours last night – and they didn’t even have any turkey! haha. We do do the traditional pies for dessert on Thanksgiving – and even though I’ve always been much more of a Christmas cookie girl – pie has started to grow on me over the past few years!

    • I love love love love pie, however, my husband is not a fan and as much as I wanted a pie for Thanksgiving I didn’t think it would be a good idea to make a whole pie just for myself :) Maybe next year when we have more people!

  4. Wow your thanksgiving dinner was a lot healthier than mine! But I figure one day won’t kill me. I can’t believe the snow you got! Zoe is such a cute dog!

    • Haha well normally it’s not that healthy but since it was just my husband and I and we were on a tight budget – I didn’t want to go too crazy with the food!

      I know it is way too early for this much snow! That means it’s going to be a rough winter!

      She is pretty cute :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. OMGosh, your snow is crazy! I love to look on Zoe’s face while she’s on the bed with Wes. I’m a pumpkin pie girl and just can’t seem to do Thanksgiving or Christmas without it.

    • I love Pumpkin Pie as well! Unfortunately, my husband does not and since it was just the two of us this year I decided it was better if I didn’t have a whole pie to myself :) haha

  6. A 21 pound turkey?!? Nice!!!! Also love that you guys went to Target just to people-watch … too funny! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

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