Five Things Friday – 10/4/2013

Tomorrow starts the first of many weekends of travel for us.

I am looking forward to it, but there is something about spending 7-8 hours in the car that you just want to be over.

I have some great posts planned for you while we are gone plus I will still have my computer and phone – so never TOO far away!

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I update them more frequently then the once a day I do my blog.

Continuing with tradition, today means it’s time for another Five Things Friday.

I got some feedback about wanting to know a little bit more about me (tomorrow’s post will give you a closer look at the husband and I’s story), so today’s post will be Five Things You May Not Know About Me Friday.


1. I’ve Run 2 Marathons, 3 Half Marathons, and 1 10K.

I think I may have ran a 5k in the very beginning of college, but I don’t even remember. HA!

My Personal Bests are:

Marathon – 4:38:34 (Chicago Marathon 2012)

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This was the only picture my family got of me from the Chicago Marathon.

Half Marathon – 1:56:44 (Presque Isle Half Marathon 2011)

10k – 47:34 (UPMC Hamot 10k)

IMG 1477


2. I have one older brother.

I have mentioned him a couple times, but I am one of two children.

My brother is 3 years older and lives in North Carolina with his new wife.

We barely got along growing up, we were always fighting. Now I couldn’t imagine life without him. We don’t get to talk or see each other near as much as I would like but we have grown much closer as we’ve gotten older.

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3. I’m adopted.

Some people may have a problem talking about this, but I’ve always been very open.

Answers to some common questions I get:

1. No I don’t know who my birth mother/father are.  My biological mother was 15 years old and my biological father probably doesn’t know about me.

2. I have no desire to try to find them and it was a closed adoption.

3. I’ll always be grateful to my birth mother for doing what she did for me, but my Mom and Dad are my parents and always will be.

(I hope that wasn’t TOO personal, I just have always been very open about it and well there aren’t too many interesting things about me. HAHA)


4. My favorite way to spend a Friday night is at home.

I am not a big party person.  In fact, my favorite way to spend a Friday or Saturday night sometimes is just staying at home with the husband.

We watch WAY too many movies and just love relaxing and spending quality time together. It has always been our “thing” since we met in college.


5. A few other favorites:

Favorite color: purple

Purple 2

Favorite music: country (give me a break here, I am from the south.)

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Yes, I went through a blonde phase in college. Never. Again.

Favorite food: Chinese or Japanese

Favorite Restaurant: P.F. Changs

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Our favorite appetizer at P.F. Changs – Salt and Pepper Calamari.  I am hungry just looking at it!

Favorite vacation spot: Myrtle Beach, SC (has a lot of special memories for Wes and I.)

Favorite College Team: North Carolina State WOLFPACK!!!!!

NC Sate Wolfpack


Whew! I guess this post just made me realize how unexciting I am! HA

What is something most people don’t know about you?

About Sara

Welcome to my blog! My name is Sara and this blog documents my journey as a wife and a runner. I train hard and put my heart and soul into my running. My life is a crazy journey full of ups and downs, and I am here to share it all with you!


  1. Nice to learn more about you! Have an amazing traveling weekend! :)

  2. Great post Sara! I love when people are open about adoption because hopefully it lowers the stigma around it. We need to get you into more half marathons… I am 100% sure based on my regular running times vs yours (you’re faster day-to-day!) that you can CRUSH that PR! Watch out world when you come back from injury :)

    • Agreed!! I do think I could beat my PR for the half now – well I COULD have! Maybe that will be another one of my goals once I get back from this injury!

      Yes, I think everyone should be open about adoption! It is a great thing! :)

  3. While I think anyone who has read more than one post here knows your fave color by now :)

    But it really is fun learning new stuff about people. Because all of us are the sum of a lifetime of experiences … so thanks for sharing!

    Good luck with the travel this weekend … you really never know how these things will go (and I’m doing a college tour next weekend that will have me driving 500+ miles, so … )

    • Good luck with your trips as well!

      I don’t mind the long drives, but I’m sure by the time we are driving back from Chicago at the end of NEXT weekend we will both be done with traveling for a while! haha

  4. Girl I am so with you on the staying in on friday nights! Since I am college people think I am so weird but thats alright with me!!

    • Haha well I was the same way in college if it makes you feel any better! Everyone is different in their own way :)

      I just like a laid back relaxing night!

  5. So nice to get to know you!! I really like that you are so open about your adoption. It doesn’t bother me at all when people share their story. It helps me know who they (and you) are!

    And you are pretty exciting. And I love country music too. 😉

    • I completely agree! It is something that makes me who I am – that is why I shared it! Plus sometimes it can help people that feel they are the only one! Who knows! :)

      Well thank you darlin’ :) Glad I have another fellow country music fan out there!

  6. Yep, I’m also positive you could have smashed your half PR before being injured. But after getting back into it again, you should still be able to! :) I myself love being at home on the weekends. All my friends think I’m crazy, and I usually use the excuse of homework (oh college life), but I really just enjoy down time at home. Being in classes all week, and working part time, I just like to chill. But everyone once in a while I do force myself out of the house for some social event or another. 😉 My favorite running outfit is: purple nike tempo shorts, purple old navy sports bra, and purple brooks purecadence 2! Great to learn more about you Sara!! 😀

    • Thank you!!! :)

      Glad you and I are a lot of like in liking to stay in! Don’t worry I was the same way in college! I went out every now and then but mostly I just liked to relax and take it easy!

  7. Yay for country music!! And I am so with you on the Friday and Saturday evenings at home. After a long week doing our own things, its nice to spend a quiet evening with my man. Unfortunately, i’m not with you on the college team, I’m a Miami Hurricane. But it is still great hearing more about you! I’m looking forward to your story tomorrow about you and your husband :)

  8. so fun to learn a little bit more about you!
    I don’t know what it is about driving that just makes me want to eat all day…….makes no sense!!

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