Five Things Friday – 10/25/2013

Another weekend of traveling is here!

We are leaving around 12:00 pm to head to Washington D.C. so that Wes can run the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday. I can’t believe how quick of a turn around it was this year between Chicago and Marine Corps.

I am excited not only to watch him again, but also because we have several family members coming in town to do so as well. Wes’ parents will be there again and my brother and his wife!

I have a busy morning planned: Finish packing, take my pup to the boarders (is it sad that I almost cry every time I have to leave her there), 1 mile swim, pool running, shower, AND finally getting on the road!

I wanted to make sure I got one more workout in before traveling begins.

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I have some great posts coming for you this weekend INCLUDING a new giveaway! Stay tuned!


Friday is here again! It’s getting harder and harder to come up with new topics now!

I decided to focus on the simple joys in life in todays post: Five Simple Things that Bring Me Joy.

As you all know it’s been a tough couple weeks, but sometimes it is most important to focus on the SIMPLE things in life. The little tiny things that you may normally pass up, but when you really stop and think they bring joy to your life!


1. Clean Laundry

I have to say one perk of now being unemployed is I actually keep up with the laundry!

I used to have baskets overflowing, but now as soon as I see the laundry basket is nearing the top I throw it in the wash.

IMG 2364

I always love to take the laundry right out of the dryer and hold it up to my face. The warmth and “laundry” smell always makes me happy – ESPECIALLY when the weather is cooling down!


2. BIG comfy sweatshirts 

I live in sweatshirts in the winter.  I seriously feel bad for my husband because MAYBE one day out of the week I’ll actually put on some sort of presentable clothing.

I have a collection of HUGE, comfy sweatshirts that just make life better.


I mean they are quick, simple, and so wonderfully warm – what is not to love!?


3. Holiday Scented Candles

These are my obsession.

Wes and I always go to the discount stores and search for holiday scented candles – especially around this time of the year!


These are two of my favorites right now: Pine Branch (which smells like a Christmas Tree) and Holiday Treats.


4. Holding Hands

The other day the husband and I were walking into the dollar store (big spenders right!?).

We held hands as we walked in not really thinking anything about it.

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We shopped around and then went to check out. The cashier at the front said:

“You two are so cute together. I saw you holding hands as you were walking in.  You really don’t see that much anymore, it’s so nice to see!”

It was a simple comment, but it made me think. Sometimes the simplest signs of affection can really bring a lot of joy.  After almost 8 years together the husband and I still hold hands all the time.  It’s a simple, small symbol but it means so much!


5. Scarves

I have so many scarves and am always looking for new ones.


I love wearing them to dress up an outfit or just a big comfy warm scarf (as seen in picture 2) for the really cold days!

They rank right up there with sweatshirts for me, they just give me that sense of comfort and warmth!


I know some of these seem silly, but sometimes we go so caught up in life that we forget the little things that are so fun to enjoy.

Sometimes when the weather is changing towards winter I get so frustrated knowing the weather that is to come, but I forget some of the few joys it brings me.

My challenge to you today is to find 5 things that are small but that truly bring you JOY and focus on those!

What are 5 simple things that bring you joy?

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  1. I have been living in a big comfy hoodie while at home too..the best!

  2. Comments on yours:
    – First, GOOD LUCK to Wes, and travel safe!
    – Laundry: we have two teen boys and I run everyday … we have a three large basket sorter system and it is NEVER empty! 😀
    – Holding hands – it really IS the little things. We will hold hands sitting on the couch, walking down the street, whatever. Our boys will roll their eyes, but they have so many friends from divorced homes (as are both of my siblings) that they will occasionally admit that they’d rather see us smooch than yell at each other like other kids parents …
    – Candles – one thing I miss from Massachusetts was our annual fall trip to the Yankee Candle outlet in Deerfield, which was ~1.5 hours west of boston. Not only do you get the great deals on candles, they have the entire place decorated room by room for the holidays … it is just amazing.

    Five things that bring me joy:
    – My wife
    – My boys
    – Running
    – My job and working with great people on cool stuff
    – Music (listening, playing, tinkering with gear and apps)


  3. I love this post! (What else is new lol I love all of your posts). I have been so down and in a funk lately that it’s been difficult to do much. This made me realize that I have forgotten about even the little good things in my life. I haven’t been up for blogging in over a week, but this idea of reflecting on the simple things may be a good way to get back into it and pull myself out of the rut I’m in.
    Btw I also have a scarf addiction :) they are just so fun!
    Good luck to your hubby this weekend!! (Keeping my fingers crossed for that sub 2:30!)

    • Thank you Stephanie!

      Trust me, I know how you feel! I have been getting into funks as well, but sometimes I have to focus on the little things and they really help me to realize what is important :) I still get down, but there are so many things that can bring us joy! :)

      Have a GREAT weekend!!

  4. Big sweatshirts, holiday candles, and holding hands – I love all of that!!! Five simple things that bring me joy – time with my husband and pups, breakfast together before we go off to work, walks with my dogs each morning, candles (I’ve got an apple pie scent one now!), and the fact that it’s Friday!! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love the smell of laundry too, although I have had to switch to a non-smelling kind of detergent to lessen skin rashes so it doesn’t really have the same appeal. I love coming home to my kiddo and getting a big hug since he’s so happy to see me. I also love the smell of the crisp autumn morning even though the thermometer said -4(c) yesterday and there was frost on the windshield…
    Good luck to Wes, hope it brings him a PR!

    • Awww I bet that is the best thing! Nothing like a hug from your child :)

      I guess the closest I can relate to that is the excitement that my dog has when I come home. One day I’ll have the child too though :)

      We had snow here yesterday so I know how you feel!!

  6. I LOVE all of your 5 things – some of my favorites! I’m with you on the sweatshirts – my husband rarely sees me in anything else, but I tell him if he would keep the house warmer I might not have to wear them :). Here are 5 more – that time in the morning when you can see individual rays of sunlight coming through the window, hot showers, my (chipped) huge yellow coffee mug with a some hot coffee, my pink Snuggie (I’m a loser), and adding cinnamon to anything and everything. Isn’t it funny how a bunch of yours and mine had to do with warmth? Must be that time of year!

    • Haha yes when you live in Erie, PA everything nice has to do with warmth! It’s freezing here already!

      I’d say hot showers and coffee are definitely up there for me as well! I love adding cinnamon on the top of my coffee! It always tastes so good!

  7. Great post. I agree that sometimes it is important to take a moment to enjoy and appreciate some of the small nice things. BTW, my wife and I still hold hands when we run errands together also.

  8. Best of luck on Sunday! I live there/here in DC. Too bad we can’t meet up! I’m home sick in bed with a cold right now, so a few simple things I like right now are cats that snuggle with you and tv stations that have mindless crap on I can fall asleep to. :)

  9. 5 things!

    Warm Rain
    New SKORA shoe smell
    Crunching leaves under my shoes while running
    Guayaki Yerba Mate in the morning!

  10. Not including family stuff of course…..

    1. My morning quiet time to read blogs and drink my coffee.
    2. Sweat pants~
    3. Scented candles! YES!
    4. A really good book
    5. (I think I listed 2 in #1)


    Have a great weekend…can’t wait to hear about the race.

    • Thank you Kathy!

      I love my morning quiet time too – I love to sip on coffee, read blogs, and respond to comments and emails! Always so peaceful first thing in the morning!

  11. Big comfy sweatshirts and our fireplace…. perfection!

  12. The picture of you and your hubby holding hands is super cute. :)

    I love big sweatshirts, too. It gets really cold in Colorado beginning in October and we will get snow even in May, so sweatshirts become my usual attire beginning this time of year!

    Some of my favorite simple things are my boyfriend; snuggles with my dog; mudslide flavored coffee; and seeing the leaves changing color in fall.

    Have a great weekend! Enjoy the Marine Corps Marathon!!

  13. I love this post! You’re so right – sometimes we get so caught up in the big things that we forget to appreciate the little things!
    My little things are pretty similar to yours. :)
    -cozy scarves
    -good music
    -a hot cup of coffee
    -holiday scented candles
    -a comfy pair of boots

  14. Fuzzy blankets, yoga pants, coffee, family time, and workout classes/running! Love all of yours! Have a wonderful weekend!!! 😀

  15. I also wear big comfy sweatshirts all the time! I am also loving fall running. Its a little chilly in the morning but once I get going its perfect. Good luck to your husband this weekend! I am thinking I want to run MCM next year so I’m looking forward to reading your recap!

  16. This is a great, sweet post! I actually love all of those things too!! I always hold the hot laundry, straight from the dryer up to my face to snuggle it! lol I just wish I didn’t have to fold it after lol
    My husband and I hold hands a lot – especially when we’re without our 2 kids because otherwise our hands are occupied holding little hands! – and it makes me feel like we’re dating again! It’s a very sweet gesture!! :)
    Have a great weekend!!

    • Aww i’m so glad that makes me smile that you and your husband still do the small things even with two children!

      Warm laundry is one of the best feelings in the world!

  17. I think holding hands is the foundation for a good relationship!! :)

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