My First Day of Cross Training

Today’s Workout – Walking

Total Time: 20 minutes

Incline: 5%

Average Pace: 3.6

I haven’t put a workout in my posts in a while, so thought I would throw that in.

I wish I had some amazing awesome story to share with you on my first day of cross training, however, it was pretty simple and slow.

I wanted to start out very slow mainly because I have walked a lot over the past several days and I need to play it safe.

IMG 2254

I can’t even begin to describe how nervous I was to step foot on this treadmill today. The last run I had before my injury was on my home treadmill and all I could think about was the pain that started right after I finished.

I was so scared that it would start up again.

Thankfully this workout was easy and there was no crazy pain to go along with it.

IMG 2255

In total I walked roughly 20 minutes at a 5% incline for a total of 1.25 miles. It was slow, steady, and easy. I could have kept going but after all the walking I had done I thought 20 minutes was enough for my first day.

IMG 2260

I decided to read some more of my new book while I was walking. I can’t tell you how informative and interesting this book is. I am looking forward to learning so much from it in my transition eventually back to running!

IMG 2256

This is embarrassing, but it is the best depiction of just how happy I was to be able to do SOMETHING!

My husband and I are trying to budget out a way for me to resume my gym membership. ย Until I find another job we are on a very tight budget and every little bit counts.

We are hoping to figure this out soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed because I am really looking forward to trying out many different forms of cross training.


My main focuses if I get a gym will be:

1. Spinning

I doubt I will be doing many classes because there is a lot I can’t physically do yet, but I plan to spin my heart out by myself. I will have to start out at low intensity and just go for calorie burn and keeping my heart rate up.

2. Rowing

I have never rowed before in my life. In fact the machine itself scares me.

I have looked up some workouts though and I’ve decided when I get back to the gym I need to face my fears.

3. Pool Running and Swimming

I really don’t like to swim. It is BORING to me.

I don’t know how I can run 2 + hours on a treadmill but hate even 15 minutes of swimming.

I am going to make myself suck it up and try out pool running and swimming. I may have to force myself to do it, but nothing worthwhile ever came easy right?


What is your favorite cross training exercise? Any good workouts you can share with me?

In other news –ย pray the government ends this shutdown or they will be canceling the Marine Corps Marathon!!

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Sara and this blog documents my journey as a wife and a runner. I train hard and put my heart and soul into my running. My life is a crazy journey full of ups and downs, and I am here to share it all with you!


  1. I love doing tabata workouts in the bike. After a few minutes warm up, you do 20 seconds FAST, basically as fast as you can handle. Then 10 seconds at a more normal pace. Repeat this 8 times and then lol down or a few minutes. It really gets the heart rate up and you can do it on low resistance at first which may be good for your leg. Congrats on beginning to cross train! I’m sure it must feel great, even if it’s just a bit of walking to start :)

    • Great idea thank you! I think this will be perfect if I can get my membership back and get on a spin bike! Will definitely keep this in mind because I can do it a low resistance which is how I need to start out!

  2. Great work on getting back – and you are absolutely right in taking it slow! Your weekend report showed how much activity you sustained … and just like they say that runners need to monitor their day-before walking, YOU also need to take it into account!

    Is there any word on your job hunt? Have you suspended it or is our crappy economy keeping things slow?

    When I was traveling so much for work earlier this year I would mix it up – I would run every morning, but in the evenings I would sometimes run, other times hit the elliptical in the hotel, and sometimes do laps in the hotel pool. I agree that it is boring – I barely ever got past 30 minutes … but the fact that I could feel it all over my body reminded me it was worthwhile!

    Good luck – and I know I sound like a broken record (one of those phrases that actually made sense when I was a kid), but take it slow and careful!

    • Thank you! :) Yes I plan on taking it slow and I am just happy to do anything at this point!

      Nope, I haven’t given up. I Just haven’t been able to find anything! The economy in Erie is really horrible! I have one phone interview i’m still waiting to hear back on, but besides that all the other positions i’ve had a chance at they’ve either decided they won’t be filling anymore and are eliminating it or the pay is so low I could sustain our family on it. Still holding out hope!

      Yes, I keep telling myself how much of a good workouts swimming is when I have to start doing it. It’s a necessary evil and who knows I never thought I would enjoy the treadmill as much as I do so maybe I will come to enjoy the pool!

  3. Congrats on your first cross training session! Also congrats to Wes on Chicago! I really like spinning and weights as cross training. I also find swimming really boring. One thing you could try while you are waiting on a gym is getting a resistance band, if you don’t already have one. Mine is called a SPRI Xertube Resistance Band and it was $8 on amazon. You can use them to do all sorts of strength exercises, likes squats (you might not want to do these yet obviously..), bicep curls, shoulder press, tricep extension etc. If you google the bands you”ll find heaps of exercise examples. Obviously, it is not cardio, but it is something you could do for cheap!!

    • Wow great idea! Thank you!! I will have to look for one of those! I am open to anything and everything right now! I am ready to get back into it and try to get my body into shape again. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

      • Your welcome! By the way, I also still cannot find anything on the job front so am in the same boat! I don’t think this government shutdown helps the situation. Hopefully things will look up for both of us soon!!

        • I am so glad I am not the only one! Some days I really feel that everyone else can get a job so why can’t I!? What is wrong with me!? I feel like people look at me like I am not providing for my family…it is hard! I just try to keep my head up :) I hope we both have some luck soon!

  4. Back when I was in school, I used to love to study while I was on the cardio machines – you get more things accomplished! I’m up in Canada, and although what is happening in the US government will probably have more detrimental effects, I was watching a news program and it was stating that every year, and it is almost every year, Canada also shuts down its government. We call it ‘proroguing.’ Which I thought was a fancy term for “we want vacation”

    • I just saw on CNN that they MAY be coming to a deal to at least open it until 12/15 – lets hope it passes! I know there are many families being affected by this much worse than canceling a marathon – so they need to come to an agreement here!

      I was reading yesterday when I was walking on the treadmill – it was the first time I have ever been able to do that. It is hard for me when running – it was a nice change up!

  5. YAY!! Good job for taking it slowly. You’re so cute and happy in that picture! And – don’t underestimate how great of a workout walking on incline can be!

  6. Glad you had a great workout – you’re pic is so cute and YES, we can tell how happy you were! :)
    I never used the rowing machine until I started Orange Theory last month and I really LOVE it…the faster you row, the more intense (obviously lol)…and it can become a hard and challenging workout, fast! Love that it works so many body parts too!
    -Sammy @

  7. So glad you had a great workout! Love that you are smiling. I can just imagine how it must have felt to finally get to do something!!!

  8. Yay congrats girl!! I really like spinning and water jogging! At first I really did not like water jogging but I kinda found to like it!! I found some awesome workout ideas from this I wish you the best of luck with everything! =]

    • Wow thank you! I got back my gym membership today and road the spin bike for about 30 minutes. I am still taking it slow. My next attempt will be water jogging – I’ve heard it can be boring but I’m hoping I can find a way to get into it! These workouts look AMAZING! Thank you!

  9. Aw glad you were able to get back the treadmill! :)

  10. I love spinning! And I tried the row machine last week and it left me sore ! It’s a good workout! Good job on your first day! I know the feeling, after being sick for a couple weeks, it always feels so nice to workout again!

    • It felt great! I plan on tackling the rowing machine here soon – I have no idea what I am doing but from what I have heard and read it is an amazing workout! :)

  11. So happy you’re liking the book!!! It really is incredible!!!

  12. Nice work, Sara! That sounds like an excellent plan. I love swimming but I also know that it can seem like you’ve been swimming FOREVER when it’s only been 15 mins!! I know it will build up your mental toughness though. You, go! Glad your leg didn’t bug you after your walk, that is great news! How is that vitamin regime treating you? :)

    • Vitamin regime is still going good! Sticking too it and making sure it is a part of my daily routine!

      Yes, that is what I think I figure swimming and pool jogging will be good for my mental toughness just like I used to tell myself about the treadmill and then I grew to love the treadmill – so who knows, maybe I will become a swimmer and pool runner after all :)

  13. I’m going to try out a rower at the work gym next week, get tips from trainer there & have them watch my form at beginning, especially since I have no upper body strength. (why I don’t swim) Did an arc trainer workout there (30 min) and it was good but my legs SCREAMED at me after, so much pain for the next day – lesson, start slooowlly. :)

    Re pool running. I have grown to enjoy it in some weird way. And once you get back to running, you may find it is great post-run to stretch out legs, like a little massage that makes you feel better (I find that anyway) If you do intervals, you can get your heart rate up and keep a lot of fitness until you’re ready for impact exercise again (see below). You can also do steady pace “long runs” – I’ve done 2.5h long pool runs. (and I’ve met a bunch of rehabbing runners, gotten tips, names of practitioners, gotten some sympathy as well as appreciation for other’s injuries…one guy does XT in the water now but was there daily for 7 months with twice torn, surgically repaired PF – imagine…but he’s back to running and triathlon now) Some tips I’ll pass on – find a way to listen to music/podcasts in the pool (I got an X1 Interval waterproof shuffle set, I think had a deal on them recently); if you can, go in circles/rectangles instead of back and forth in the pool; consider getting your own flotation belt ( is a good source) Resources:โ€™re-doing-it-wrong-and-how-to-pool-run-to-get-faster/

    • Wow! Thank you for all this great information! I have been researching pool running and came across a lot the sites you have mentioned! I am excited to give it a try but have already gotten myself prepared that it may take me a while to get into. I just want to make sure I am keeping my body in shape and after taking 3-4 weeks off from anything it makes me nervous how much fitness I am losing!

      I will report back after I give it a try – I have come across several people who seem to really enjoy it! Let’s hope I can get into it!

  14. I feel like one of the toughest parts of an injury is that fear we have when returning. I remember avoiding certain streets after I had an injury that kept me from running! HA! Seems like you have a solid plan to get you going.

    • I know the feeling! Tuesday when I got on the treadmill for a 20 minute walk all I could think about were the flashbacks of the last run I had on it when I realized something was wrong. I had to face my fears and I just jumped on. I know what you mean though – I have a feeling I will be the same way when I start running again :)

      BTW – LOVED all your pictures form Kona! What an amazing experience that must have been!

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