Five Things Friday – 9/20/2013

I don’t want to post my nonexistent workout at the top of the page because I need to focus on the positive.

This weekend is going to be a tough one for me, but if I don’t focus on the great and positive things in my life I know I will never make it through.

Last week I did my first Five Things Friday post and it was all about running. Today I am going to have to dig a little deeper for my five things I am thankful for today.

1. My husband.

I don’t know what I would do without him. Seriously. Every time I have an issue or am breaking apart he is there to pick back up the pieces.  He gives me advice, listens, and he knows how hard this running game can be.

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He is also pretty freakin’ amazing.  He will be running the Chicago Marathon in 3 weeks and is hoping to PR (current PR is 2:33)! He has been training his butt off and I can’t wait to watch him! You better believe I am going to be right there and be the biggest cheerleader he has ever seen!

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2. Slowing down.

This small rest is enabling me to slow my life down some. I can enjoy the things I don’t normally do.

A little arm workout.

An ab workout video.

The videos are a little cheesy, but if this awesome lady does them then you know they are worth a shot!

I can focus on the things that will help my body be stronger.

3. New Recipes.

Lets face it, I am not a stellar cook.  This week though I have found two pretty great new recipes.

Bourbon Chicken

Mixed Berry Recovery Smoothie

IMG 1928

I like to take very small baby steps when it comes to learning to cook :) I want to try 2-3 new recipes a week, at least while I am still unemployed and job hunting.

4. My fur children.

These little guys really make my life so happy. When I’m sad, they know I’m sad. They are always there and they bring so much joy to my life.


IMG 0631


IMG 1947


IMG 1946

(does this make me a crazy cat lady!?)

5. A busy October.

October is shaping to be a busy busy month for us!

We will be out of town 3 out of 4 weekends: Wes has a residency interview, Chicago Marathon, and Marine Corps Marathon.

This gives me several things to be thankful for:

1. We will get to visit with both of our families.

2. Some road trips, which even though are long it gives us some quality time together.

3. This medical school journey in Erie, PA is really starting to come to a close.

4. It will get my mind off not having a job.

I won’t say this post was easy to write, but trying not to make every single thing I am thankful for about running made me realize how many other great things I have going on in my life.

What are you thankful for today?

Even though I can’t run this weekend, tell me what is on your weekend agenda?

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  1. I think you only become the crazy cat lady when there is no other human being in your life – so you are a-ok!

    I had to take a rest day yesterday, I like to run over my lunch hour but I am so so tired; the wee one is not sleeping (again) and I just couldn’t imagine running. I sometimes will run with him after work in the stroller, but he’s been also super cranky (hence the terrible nights) so we haven’t, and our treadmill busted so I can’t run on it after he goes to sleep… I am excited to get a new treadmill but I have to wait until we move at the end of next month so that we don’t have to lug a very heavy thing twice. Sounds like excuses but they aren’t – and just like you too! You need to rest your body so that you can continue to run later as well!!

    • Thanks for the reminder :) Glad to hear that someone is there with me! Hopefully this weekend will go by quickly since I can’t run, but I also need to remember to slow down and remember the many blessings I have in life! What kind of treadmill are you going to be getting?? That’s exciting!!

      • I’ve been looking at the Costco website (so they can deliver) and there is a Reebok one on there that sounds promising. The only hard part is the waiting!!!

  2. What a nice post! :) This weekend I am spending time with my family and hopefully taking the pups on some nice walks. I’d lake to bake a fall treat too. This weekend is tough for me too. Sunday will be the marathon that I trained so hard for and just as I hit my taper, I got injured. I’m trying to stay positive too – thanks for this pick me up! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’m love my fur children too lol!

    • I want to bake a fall treat too but I am not sure what to make! I’m so sorry this has put you out of your marathon, that has got to be hard! You will be back though and you will ROCK your next marathon! Fur children are the best :)

  3. Aww, this is so tough. Hang in there. Injuries/ fatigue are brutal but you’ll come out stronger. Can’t wait to hear how Wes’ marathon goes. And good for you for using your extra time to try some new recipes and arm/ ab workouts!!

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not running, but at least you have a long time until a race! The worst is getting hurt and having to miss a big race. Take this time to recover and learn how to avoid injury next time! When I am not running I like to read books and articles about running. It motivates me to get better so I can run again, stronger and faster than before.

    • Thank you! I appreciate it! Hopefully I will be back soon! Yes I browse running websites constantly, read articles, and books! It makes me stay focused on my goals! :)

  5. I’m sorry you aren’t running, but remember that rest is JUST as important as training! :) I can count one too many times where I tired to push through fatigue/pain, ended up injured and unable to run for months at a time. It’s definitely worth taking 1-2 days each week off to give your body recovery time.

    I actually just got a book that you might like! It’s called “The Runner’s Body”, and it’s all about how our bodies function while we’re running (from our bones, muscles, heart, lungs, and metabolism). It’s so interesting! I’ve learned so much. I’m hoping it will help me learn how to take care of my body to avoid injury and fatigue. Plus, reading about running is the best :).

  6. The one that always strikes me is you and your husband. I’m a sappy romantic I guess, but being together with my wife more than 25 years and really enjoying the time together so much – and valuing how much we have seen each other through good and bad – makes me always hopeful for young married people, and appreciate posts like this.

    I know that not running when it is NOT really your choice is crappy (really crappy), so I definitely think getting out and about was a great idea. Hope your husband’s long run went well – my next marathon is the week before, so my big weekend was last weekend … though I did do 15 today before the downpours started!

    As for ‘fur kids’ … we have 2 dogs and 2 cats – one cat we ‘inherited’ when we were ‘watching it’ while my sister-in-law was moving (not cat people, can you tell?). And many people will tell you that your animals stop being important when you have kids. Bah! They are part of your family, and very important. In have one dog laying against each foot right now …

    • I don’t know where I would be honestly without my husband! We have had our ups and downs sure, but he is forever my rock and my best friend. I started out as his cheerleader with running and I will always be his biggest fan. More importantly than my goals is watching him succeed and I really look forward to October to be able to see him PR (because I KNOW it is going to happen!)

      Yes it is really crappy right now BUT it is needed. I hopefully will have some definitive answers on what is going on soon!

      My animals have been there with us through thick and thin they will ALWAYS be a part of our family! They have so much love!!

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