Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 19 Recap


I am tired. I guess I should expect that after 19 weeks of training right? I think that should be the theme of this week. I am officially 3 weeks out. 3 weeks out. I keep saying that over and over to myself and can hardly believe it. If the nerves are already starting to kick it now I can’t imagine ...

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Puritan’s Pride November Smoothie Challenge {and Giveaway!}

November Smoothie Challenge3

This post was sponsored by Puritan’s Pride; all opinions expressed are my own. This time of year is always a struggle when it comes to getting sick. Aside from this time of year, being in an stuffy office with various people who are sick can make someone trying to stay healing for a marathon VERY nervous! For this month’s Puritan’s ...

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What Are Your Limits?


Is this not the best time of the year for running? Without a doubt this is my favorite time of year. The crips fall air (even though its felt more like winter lately) is absolutely awesome!   I’ve been thinking a lot about limits lately. WE all have them in pretty much every area of our lives. Of course, I specifically have ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 17 Recap

Hansons 171

This week officially hit the 4 WEEK mark until my marathon. It was a bit surreal because now the count down is OFFICIALLY on! It’s amazing how long some days can feel but how quickly time passes. There were some fun but busy changes happening this week: 1. My husband finally coming home 2. Finalizing up the start of a ...

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Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

Simple Beauty

Sometimes at the end of the week I like to look back and reflect on the awesome things that are making me happy. Recently, I have felt so blessed and thought today I woulds hare some of the things that are making me happy in my life right now.   My Hubby is Home I’ve mentioned briefly on the blog ...

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Running When Sick

Running When Sick1

Friday morning, on my day off from running, I woke up knowing that something felt off. You know that feeling you get in your body right before you are about to get sick? Yeah it was there in full swing! I guess I should be thankful I am getting my fall cold out of the way now instead of getting ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 16 Recap

Saturday Run

There are a couple exciting things happening this week (that will be divulged in the very near future) so to say that I am a little excited that this week is complete is an understatement. This week went by without much excitement. It’s officially week 16 of my training and I am anxious to get to the marathon now. I ...

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Run With the Body You Have


First off, thank you all so much for your kind words on my marathon announcement post! I am really excited, and have already heard from a couple people who have run Kiawah. Of course, the nerves will eventually kick in full steam but for now I am enjoying the excitement!   Today isn’t a long or fancy post, but I ...

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Kiawah Island Marathon


I’ve gotten many questions over the past month or so on what marathon I plan on doing. It has been kind of a crazy ride finding a race that worked with our schedule, but I am happy to announce that I am 95% positive I have officially selected a marathon! Originally the plan was to run a marathon in the ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 15 Recap

Hansons 156

Before I get into my recap for the week, the winner of the Puritan’s Pride giveaway is Joanna Wang! Congrats! Email me with your information to saralovingontherun{at}gmail{dot}com and we will get your prices on their way to you! Make sure to check back over the next couple months for more giveaways coming!   Some days seem long, but there is no ...

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