My Week in Running and Vacation Planning


Has another week seriously come to an end? It’s amazing how slow the days can seem and then all of the sudden before I know it a new week is about to begin. This week had an unexpected mileage increase. Nothing too drastic, but I had a few longer days at the beginning of the week.   Before I get ...

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A Fun List of Fours


First off, don’t forget to enter my Thera-Gesic giveaway! I will announce the winners in Sunday’s blog post! Today I wanted to lighten things up a bit and do something fun. I found this idea over on Meals and Moves.  A little fun to break away from the normal routine.   Today I wanted to focus on fours. Four Jobs I’ve ...

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Recover with Thera-Gesic {and Giveaway!}


Last week was not the most intense workout week I’ve ever had, but it was pretty tiring. In total I ran 6 days out of the week and was in the gym 3 times in the afternoon for strength training. Strength training. Yes, I believe those are the words that most runners don’t even want to hear. We know it is important, that we’re ...

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Weekly Running Recap

Weekly Running5

This week was odd. Not in a bad way, it just seemed a bit disjointed. It all started on Monday morning. This was the first week I’ve had Wes home at nights again. Don’t get me wrong, I love having him home. Monday morning it was pouring rain. Not just drizzling, pouring. Wes had a workout and he gets up about an hour ...

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Passion. It is such a simple word, but there is so much to it. We all have our own passions. Things that make us thrive, that makes us tick that in many ways simply makes us who we are. (source) I always refer to running as my passion. The other day while I was out running (I know, go figure) I started ...

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Running Bliss and SureSport Compression Sleeves


There is such a thing as pure running bliss. At times I thought I had lost it, but Sunday my faith was rejuvinated. Sunday morning I woke up and just felt like I was in a funk. I did want to run but I was having a hard time motivating myself to get moving. I think being on the treadmill on Saturday was ...

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Running Lately

15 x 1 Speed Workout

I updated my About Me page this week. It was completely out dated so I figured it was time for a little revamping!   I honestly miss doing my weekly marathon training posts. Not only were they fun to write, but I still like to look back on them for reference. It’s also a great way to look back and ...

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A Day In the Life (Volume 3)


I don’t know about you all, but I am so excited that Friday is HERE! Not only is it the weekend, but it officially marks the end of my husband’s night rotation. He will have some night calls here and there, but the rest of his rotations of his intern year are day hours. I will be so happy to ...

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Early Morning Running Safety


Ever since I began marathon training back in July (yes, it really has been that long I had to go check for myself) I have had to do many early morning workouts. I remember living in Pennsylvania and thinking that getting up at 5:00 AM was the end of the world and it was a miracle if I did it ...

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My Goals for 2015 and Running


As you may have noticed, I didn’t do a New Years Resolutions post as many did. It’s not that I’m against them, I just didn’t set any NEW goals that were different from what I already was focusing on. My goals at the end of 2014 (so I guess you could say my resolutions for 2015) are: Increase speed – ...

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