Slow Down It’s an EASY Day

Easy Day1

The easy run is often the most talked about run during training. Why? It’s simple – because it is that important. We put a lot of focus on our tempo runs, speed workouts and long runs that we forget a very important run for any marathon/half-marathon training plan: the easy runs.   Monday morning I ended up having the day ...

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Marathon Training Week 7: 7/20/15-7/26/15

Week 75

I am so thankful for this week. Was it easier? No, not really but it was a great reminder that with perseverance and listening to your body you can overcome several bad weeks of training. If the same thing would have happened to me several years ago I would have probably pushed myself so hard I would have eventually ended ...

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Letting Go

Letting Go2

Happy Happy Friday! I welcomed today with open arms and I can’t wait to run and relax this weekend. Speaking of running, I know that was a horrible intro, but as you all know and as I have mentioned several times this has been a pretty difficult training season so far. I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted and have had some ...

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A Look at the Positives of Summer


This post is sponsored by Panasonic. All thoughts and opinions are my own.   Happy Wednesday! I had high hopes going into this week that things were going to go better. I was bound and determined to switch my attitude and move on from last week. Just to recap, Sunday’s run didn’t go much better. I opted to sleep in ...

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Marathon Training Week 6: 7/13/15-7/19/15

Pos and Neg3

I feel like I am learning so much during this training cycle. I don’t remember facing near as many challenging weeks last go round, but there is a purpose and plan for everything so I am embracing the valuable lessons that it’s teaching me. I’m such a Type A, “stick to the plan” girl. Always have been, but I am ...

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A Positive and a Negative

Pos and Neg1

My apologies. This was supposed to go up first thing Friday, but I guess it had some technical difficulties! Happy Friday! Is anyone else as excited as me that it is here? Probably not after the week I’ve had, but hey I made it to the other side so that has to count for something! Training this week has not ...

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A Running Survey

Beach Running1

This week has been crazy busy and it is only Wednesday! I’m seriously just trying to hang on for dear life until the weekend comes. I’m not sure that’s the best way to live, but sometimes you just have to do what it takes. My husband and I have some exciting things in the works, so we’ve been really trying ...

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Marathon Training Week 5: 7/6/15-7/12/15

Week 52

Happy Sunday! I don’t know how the weekend continues to go by so fast, but I’m glad I’ve had a full weekend to really rest and re-set. Running when it is light outside is much hotter, but enjoyable as well! I can actually run on different roads and look at the views around me!   I am constantly reminded just ...

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Tackle Your Tempo


The tempo run. It is by far my most feared run, but it is also the most rewarding. I’ve talked to a few others who feel the same way, so I know for the most part I must not be alone! Hansons method has one tempo run per week.  You start with 6 miles and increase by 1 mile every ...

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Motivation At It’s Best

Is it just me or are the weeks after a holiday even harder to get back into it? Sunday and Monday’s runs were less than stellar to say the last. I don’t know why, but whenever I don’t run on a treadmill for a while it beats up my legs pretty badly. They felt like lead on my hot and ...

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