Hansons Marathon Method Review

Hansons Marathon Method

Thank you for all your kind words on Wednesday’s post! Even though it has been a week now I am pretty sure I am still smiling from it. As you all know back when I first set the goal to Boston Qualify, I decided to use Hansons Marathon Method to get me there. I sat down and planned out each ...

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Kiawah Island Marathon Race Recap 2014


This past weekend was such a great weekend for me! It wasn’t just the PR, it wasn’t just the experience it was so much more! Before I get into all the emotional aspects of the marathon, lets recap Friday and Saturday and the Kiawah Island Marathon. Unlike most races in the past, we knew going into Kiawah that it was ...

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A Quick Race Update

check in1

Hey there! I just wanted to do a quick check in. I will be back with a full recap of my marathon later this week! If you missed my Instagram post earlier today… I did it! 3:29:45 was my official time! I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am! I was on cloud nine all day on Saturday. ...

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FRS Two-10 Discovery Challenge {and Giveaway!}


When I first began my marathon training I had no idea what was ahead. Sure, I knew that I was going to be putting my body through a lot but I didn’t realize just how tired I was going to be at times. As runners we go through phases. Some weeks we feel really good and on top of the ...

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My Goals for the Kiawah Marathon


Marathon week is officially HERE! Those are some scary words to say. Scary but exciting all at the same time! I did one of my last few workouts Monday morning. The main goal of the workout was to just keep my confidence up that I could hit marathon pace and to just keep my legs moving a little quicker. I’ve ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 21 Recap

Hansons 212

This is my final marathon training recap. That is so hard to believe and so scary all at the same time. It’s hard to believe that 21 weeks ago, I had just begun my training for my upcoming marathon. I had high goals but a lot of doubt as well. I’ll be doing a full post in the upcoming week on my ...

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My Marathon iPod Playlist

I’ve been debating with myself recently on if I should listen to music during my marathon. In every race, aside from my recent half marathon, I have run music-free. There are a lot of benefits to music-free racing. You can really take in the experience and the crowds and get to know those running around you. I’m a bit torn ...

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It’s Taper Time!


Monday officially began my two week taper. I wouldn’t say it is a normal two week taper as I am used to, but it slowly begins to cut back. The original plan of Hanson’s really doesn’t call for a 2 week taper. In fact, this Thursday according to the original plan I should be doing my last 10 mile tempo ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 20 Recap


I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! We were able to spend the day with family and couldn’t ask for anything better!   The countdown is officially on for my marathon. In case you are wondering we are down to 13 days until the big day. 13 days.  That also means that the taper is slowly beginning to start. I ...

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