Don’t Downplay Easy Days

8 Miles

Happy Monday! Who is ready for a new week? I’m not quite sure I’m ready, but I don’t think I have much choice in the matter. HA! It doesn’t help that in another week my husband switches to night shift and I don’t think I’m going to like seeing each other maybe for 5 minutes each day. One day at ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 8 Recap


This week had a lot of firsts. Some good, some not so good, but all in all I am really happy with how the week went! I hit some tough workouts, pushed through some less than ideal weather conditions, and made each day happen!   Before we get into too much here is a run down of my week: Monday ...

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Phase 2: Strength Workouts

Strength Workout

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but for some reason last night around 9:00 my post disappeared. Instead of trying to put it back together so close to bed time, I re-did it to go up Friday. Sorry about the delay! This week my training plan took me from a speed workouts to strength workouts. The goal of strength workouts is ...

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Bloggers on the Run: Leah from Naturally Leah

Bloggers On The Run

As you all know, I have recently made some changes to my normal blogging schedule. Instead of posting the blogger features on Monday afternoons I have decided to post them during the week as an extra post. I really love these posts and want to make sure I continue them on a regular basis! Today I want to bring you ...

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Our New Gym and Big Goals

Grand Vision

Happy Monday! This is going to be quite the week when it comes to running for me. The highest mileage week to date of 61 miles! Whew! I am tired just sitting here thinking about it. Just taking it one day at a time! Sunday started off with a 10 mile run. Wes was on call again and got up ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 7 Recap

Post Run selfie

Hi there! I’m back! I have to say after a few days off of blogging it has really helped me to get my things back in order. I’ve caught up on a lot of necessary work! I think this 3-4 posts per week is going to be good for me! I really enjoy my weekly recap posts mostly because they ...

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A Step Back


Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. It’s a plus we are already halfway through the work week! Tuesday started off with a rude awakening at 4:20 AM. Thankfully my workout went amazingly well. After a 1.5 mile warm up my legs kicked into high gear and I was able to do my workout with “ease.” ...

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Things I’m Looking Forward To In September


Someone needs to explain to me how a 3 day weekend goes by so quickly!? I am going to miss the extra sleep so badly. I woke up Monday morning and got one last run in before we headed home. I ran 6 very hot and humid miles. The run went very well aside from the fact that I ran ...

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Focus On The Mile You Are In

Run the Mile You Are In

Happy Labor day! This has been such a wonderful weekend down at the coast! The past several times we have come we have run into bad weather, and haven’t really been able to enjoy as much “beach” time as we would have wanted. This weekend was full of sun and was a perfect official ending to the summer. It is ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 6 Recap


We are officially at the beach. We got in a little before 10:00 PM on Friday night and even though it was a long dive, it was worth it! This little girl and I had a lot of quality time together! This week wasn’t the easiest, but I am proud to have gotten through it! I am feeling much better ...

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