The Perfect Fall Recovery Smoothie {Puritan’s Pride} + Giveaway!


This post was sponsored by Puritan’s Pride; all opinions expressed are my own.   When you are training recovery is so important. This time around I have paid more attention to proper recovery, in all areas, than every before and I believe that it really has made an incredible difference in my training. It has been a while since I ...

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Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review


The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.   Let’s face it. One of the perks of being a runner is the shoes. I own more running shoes than I do any other. If I have the chance to shop for shoes, most likely you will find me in the local running store. The great thing ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 13 Recap


I can’t believe I have officially been in marathon training for 13 weeks. Some mornings, when my alarm is going off at 4:00 AM, I just want it to be over. I want to get up and just go for an easy run and not put in a tough workout or tempo run. However, as I look back on how ...

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How I Altered My Training After A Race


Racing is a great great thing. It leaves you feeling so accomplished and ready for the next one the moment it is over! However, when you are in the middle of marathon training it also leaves your body pretty tired. After the race on Saturday I knew my body needed to step back and a bit of a break. It ...

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Danville Half Marathon Recap

Danville Half Finish

I think I have been on cloud nine since finishing the half marathon last Saturday. It was such a great day and really helped me to get refocused on my marathon training. The morning started off about 6:00 AM. My poor husband had been up by Friday afternoon for 36 hours and I was worried about him wanting to do ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 12 Recap

Age group

I have so many thoughts going through my head this week. I plan on putting them all into a post to recap the race on Saturday, but today I owe you a look back at my training for week 12 of Hanson’s Marathon Method. I think it was the best decision I made to race this weekend. On top of ...

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It’s Time to Race

Danville Half Marathon

Thursday morning I woke up and had a little bit different run on the schedule. Well, actually it wasn’t on the schedule. I am not running my marathon until early December, so I am having to add a few training weeks into my program. Bright and early I was out of bed! Instead of taking out my tempo run for ...

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Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon Recap and Review {Wes’ Race}

Wes Running

As the wife of a competitive runner, watching your spouse race is almost as nerve racking as racing yourself.  Wes began training for his fall marathon back when we moved in June. Before that, just like I had, he was following a 10k plan to get faster. He has had big goals in his head since day one, and I ...

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Hanson’s Marathon Method Week 11 Recap

10 Miles

This has been such a wonderful and motivating weekend! There is nothing more exciting than watching someone else race. It gets you pumped. Sometimes when you are mid-way through training you need a little extra boost! I will have a full recap of Wes’ marathon, and his thoughts on it in the next few days. We did have a wonderful ...

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Exciting Weekend Ahead

Tempo Run

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired!  Just trying to keep plugging along to get to the weekend! As you are reading this, I probably just finished my “long” run for the week. I have 2 runs, each of 10 miles scheduled for the weekend but due to some schedule changes I have to fit my first one ...

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