Recover with The Original Worm {and Giveaway!}

The Original Worm4

Marathon training, or running in general, can be pretty brutal on your body. Throughout the years I’ve dealt with a plethora of different issues varying in severity. Two common issues I’ve dealt with throughout are: tight calves and tight IT band. They have always been weak points for me. You may remember a couple weeks ago I posted about the ...

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Track Love

Track Love2

One of unfortunate things about doing a lot of my runs before the sun comes up is the lack of the track in my life. I’ve been missing it a lot. We got back from the beach on Sunday, but I had taken Monday off from work. I am really glad I did because I got a lot of some ...

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Marathon Training Week 11: 8/17/15-8/23/15

Weekly Recap2

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I’m loving that mine is a little longer than normal! That means next week I’ll only have 3 super early morning wake up calls. We’ve had a beautiful and wonderful weekend at the beach. The weather has been pretty perfect, and since this is probably our last trip down while it’s still warm ...

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Current Running Playlist


If you see any random changes on the blog, I’m in the process of redesigning it! It’s been a busy week but I’m really liking the outcome! Hoping to have it up and running very soon! My apologies in the mean time.   First off, someone needs to tell the weather people it’s time to get rid of this god ...

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Doing What It Takes

Getting it Done2

Happy Happy Wednesday! The weeks just seem to crawl by don’t they? Or, maybe that’s just because I am anxious to get on the road! We are heading to Wes’ family’s beach house for a long weekend and I am already ready to go! There is nothing more soothing to me than the peace and quiet out there!   I ...

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Marathon Training Week 10: 8/10/15-8/16/15

Week 92

I guess all my reset and refocus goals for the week paid off. It was still a challenging week, but I felt like I was much more mentally in tune with running this week. It was much overdo! I didn’t stick to the Hansons plan this week, instead did my own thing. I think it paid off great mentally for ...

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Reduce Stress to Increase Performance


Is it just me or has this been an extremely long week? The past two weeks of work have been crazy busy, but this week it slowed down which has made some of my days drag. Thankfully, it is officially Friday! Today, I wanted to focus on something that so many of us deal with, stress. (source) Stress is not ...

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Reset and Refocus


Hello friends! Happy Wednesday! It’s officially hump day so the good news is if you are reading this, you’ve made it this far. I’ve decided to title this week: reset and refocus week. I’ve made it a point to be very honest with all throughout this training cycle. It hasn’t been easy and in many ways I attribute that to ...

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Marathon Training Week 9: 8/3/15-8/9/15

Week 91

Running was a bit crazy this week. I think crazy is a nice word for “most days were a struggle” but I made it through. I had to make a few changes but I’m hoping with them it will set me up to destroy next week! One at a time! Some noticeable changes in my schedule: 2 rest days this ...

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A Treat for Relaxation

Palm Breeze2

What a week. It has not gone anything like I had envisioned, but I’m just going to shake it off. I’ve still got some things to figure out, but I’m taking it one day at a time. I took resting very seriously Thursday night and picked up these delicious Palm Breeze drinks from Walmart. Maybe it was the frustration of ...

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